Priya James

Active Directory Penetration Testing Checklist – 2023

This article covers Active directory penetration testing that can help for penetration testers and security experts who want to secure their network. "Active Directory Pentesting" Called as "AD penetration Testing" is a directory service that Microsoft developed for the...

10 Best Linux Distributions In 2023

The Linux Distros is generally acknowledged as the third of the holy triplet of PC programs, simultaneously with Windows and macOS. Here we have provided you with a top 10 best Linux distros list 2023 for all professionals. Hence...

Is this website Safe : How to Check Website Safety – 2023

is this website safe ? In this digital world, Check website safety is the most important concern since there are countless malicious websites available everywhere over the Internet, it is tough to find a trustworthy website. We need to browse smart...

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