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US Federal Agency Hacked

US Federal Agency Hacked By Exploiting Telerik Vulnerability in IIS Server

As a result of a joint effort of the CISA, FBI, and MS-ISAC, a public advisory was published recently. This public advisory claims that...

OpenAI Announces GPT-4, the Successor of ChatGPT

A powerful new AI model called GPT-4 has been released recently by OpenAI, which is capable of comprehending images and texts. The company describes...

Data Security With Cloud Compliance: Meeting Regulations & Standards

Businesses from all industries are aware of the benefits of cloud computing. Some organizations are just getting started with migration as part of digital...

New Version of Xenomorph Android Malware Attacks 400 Banks Customers

As per the latest findings of ThreatFabric, a version of the Android banking trojan with the name Xenomorph has been discovered in the wild...
IceFire Ransomware Attacks

IceFire Ransomware Attacks Both Windows and Linux Enterprise Networks

Recently, security analysts at SentinelOne got to know about an infamous IceFire ransomware that has been found attacking both Windows and Linux enterprise networks. An...
Record Breaking DDoS Attack

Record Breaking DDoS Attack – 158.2 Million Packets Per Second

When a DDoS attack is conducted, the server being targeted receives a large number of garbage requests. As a result, the server's capacity is...
HiatusRAT Malware

HiatusRAT Malware Attack Routers to Gain Remote Access & Download Files

Lumen's Black Lotus Labs recently witnessed that Hackers are currently targeting DrayTek Vigor router models 2960 and 3900 in a campaign known as 'Hiatus'.  The...

MQsTTang – Chinese Hackers Using Custom Malware To Evade AV Detection

In a recent analysis, MQsTTang, a newly designed custom backdoor, has been scrutinized by ESET researchers. After a thorough investigation, the source of this...

The Importance of Understanding Your Software Supply Chain: Managing Risks in Third-Party Code

In any industry, a supply chain is an aggregation of in-house resources, external dependencies, production infrastructure, and workforce. It is an essential component in...

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