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Record Breaking DDoS Attack

Record Breaking DDoS Attack – 158.2 Million Packets Per Second

When a DDoS attack is conducted, the server being targeted receives a large number of garbage requests. As a result, the server's capacity is...
HiatusRAT Malware

HiatusRAT Malware Attack Routers to Gain Remote Access & Download Files

Lumen's Black Lotus Labs recently witnessed that Hackers are currently targeting DrayTek Vigor router models 2960 and 3900 in a campaign known as 'Hiatus'.  The...

MQsTTang – Chinese Hackers Using Custom Malware To Evade AV Detection

In a recent analysis, MQsTTang, a newly designed custom backdoor, has been scrutinized by ESET researchers. After a thorough investigation, the source of this...

The Importance of Understanding Your Software Supply Chain: Managing Risks in Third-Party Code

In any industry, a supply chain is an aggregation of in-house resources, external dependencies, production infrastructure, and workforce. It is an essential component in...
Rise in Mobile Banking Malware

Alarming Rise in Mobile Banking Malware – Over 200,000 New Installers Discovered

In 2022, the number of new mobile banking Trojan installers found by Kaspersky Lab's cybersecurity researchers surged to 196,476, which is more than twice...
Malicious 2FA Apps Google Play

Beware of Malicious 2FA Apps in App Store and Google Play that Deploys Malware

Cybersecurity experts at Sophos recently detected multiple malicious 2FA apps in App Store and Google Play that deploy malware.  While Twitter made a recent announcement...
Hackers Could Use ChatGPT

Hackers Could Use ChatGPT to Generate Convincing Scam Messages in Seconds

Using technology powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), scammers can now take advantage of potential victims looking for love online by deceiving them by using...
Cyber Security Innovation

Cyber Security New Innovation – Over 2,000 Applications Filed for Patent

Cybersecurity Ventures has made a prediction that the cost of global cybercrime will increase at a rate of 15% every year.  This projection means that...
Police Hacked Exclu

Major CrackDown – Police Hacked Exclu ‘secure’ Cybercriminal Message Platform

The police and the Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands have been able to gain access to data from a crypto communication service used...
TrickGate Packer Used to Deploy Malware

Hackers Use TrickGate Packer to Deploy Emotet, Cobalt Strike & Other Malware

The cybersecurity analysts at Check Point Research recently reported that TrickGate, a shellcode-based packer, has been in operation for over six years without being...

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