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U.S. Sues Google for Dominance

U.S. Sues Google for Dominance Over Digital Advertising Technologies

Recently, the US Justice Department along with the eight states filed a lawsuit against Google, accusing the company of having a monopoly on the...

Hackers Using Sliver Framework as an Alternative to Cobalt Strike & Metasploit

Silver is an open-source command-and-control framework that is becoming increasingly popular among malicious actors at current attacks. As threat actors are opting for this...
Unified CM SQL Injection Flaw

Cisco Unified CM SQL Injection Flaw Let Attackers Execute Crafted SQL Queries

Cisco released fixes for Unified Communications Manager (CM) and Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition to address high-severity SQL injection vulnerability. “An attacker could exploit...
ransomware attack targeted Yum

Hackers Steal Data from  KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell & Habit Burger

A ransomware attack targeted Yum! Brands on January 18, 2023, caused the closure of 300 locations of its fast food chains KFC, Pizza Hut,...
GitHub Codespaces Feature

Hackers Abuse GitHub Codespaces Feature to Host and Deliver Malware

Trend Micro researchers have recently demonstrated that malware and malicious scripts can be hosted and distributed within GitHub Codespaces by malicious actors through the...

Volvo Cars Suffered A New Data Breach? Data Published On Hacking Forum

According to a post on a well-known hacker forum, Volvo Cars has experienced a new data breach, with stolen information allegedly being made available...

Linux Malware Exploit Over 30 Vulnerabilities in WordPress Themes & Plugins

In an attempt to inject malicious JavaScript into WordPress plugins and themes that are outdated, a previously detected Linux malware that is unknown has...
Highly Sophisticated DarkTortilla Malware

Beware of Highly Sophisticated DarkTortilla Malware Distributed Via Phishing Sites

Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs (CRIL) detected threat Actors (TAs) distributing the malware DarkTortilla. Since 2015, the complex .NET-based malware known as DarkTortilla has been...

FortiOS SSL-VPN Bug Let Attackers Execute Arbitrary Code Remotely

A critical vulnerability in FortiOS SSL-VPN let attackers perform unauthenticated arbitrary code execution remotely, and this flaw has been tracked as CVE-2022-42475. This vulnerability resides...

North Korean APT37 Hackers Exploited IE Zero-Day Vulnerability Remotely

Researchers from the Google Threat Analysis group uncovered an incident associated with the north Korean APT37 hackers group that they have exploited an Internet...

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