Web Application security is growing very quickly and there’s more and more publicly available security programs like bug bounty that allows hackers from all around the world to find vulnerabilities and get paid for their findings.

Today we want to introduce you to the “Web Application Attacks and Exploitation course” made by LearnPentest company.There is always a huge demand for Web-application penetration testers.

This Course is separated into 4 main sections,

  • Introduction – First section is all about course outline, preparing your working environment and learning basics of web application security.
  • Tools – “Know your tools”, It’s important to know tools we will use during the course. In this section you will learn to use various tools that hackers use for web application security.
  • Client Side – Everything about Client Side vulnerabilities such as XSS, CSRF and more. Finding, exploiting and reviewing the code in order to see why vulnerability occurs.
  • Server Side – Everything about finding, exploiting and understanding the code to see why vulnerability like SQL Injections occurs.

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This course is unlike many others, containing full explanation why is application vulnerable; source code analysis, bypassing security filters, getting command execution from vulnerabilities, patching vulnerability, combining more vulnerabilities in one exploitation and much more.


During this course you will learn everything you need to know about web application security. In this course you will start as beginner with little or without any knowledge about web application security.

After completing this course you will know enough to start looking for bugs in Bug Bounty programs and perform full penetration testing against web applications.

More importantly the course is valid for lifetime, it never ends, you can decide when to start and stop.You have unlimited access across all the devices you are having.

NOTE: This course is made for educational purposes only. This course comes without our lab access. However, in course materials we will teach you how to prepare you own local network environment for testing attacks.


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