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100,000 WordPress Sites

100,000 WordPress Sites Impacted with Cross-Site Scripting(XSS) Flaw

KingComposer, a WordPress plugin found installed with over 100,000 WordPress sites found vulnerable to Reflected Cross-Site Scripting. The vulnerability...
Zoom 0day Vulnerability

Zoom 0day Vulnerability Let Remote Attacker to Execute Arbitrary Code on Victim’s Computer

A new remote code execution "0day" flaw with Zoom Client for Windows allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on Windows computer...
IoT Threats

How to Protect Your Smart Home from IoT Threats?

Our world is increasingly becoming digital as we are moving towards a society that is interconnected through a web of internet-enabled devices....
Top 5 Best Dedicated Academy to Learn Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Training Online 2020

Top 5 Best Dedicated Academy to Learn Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Training Online...

Nowadays, hacking becomes known to everyone, as this term has been around for a great time now. Well, the very first reported...
Joker malware

New Variant of Infamous Android Joker Malware Bypasses Google Play Security to Attack Users

The Joker malware detected in early June 2019, it employs several tactics to bypass GooglePlay protection and to perform several malicious activities.
15 Billion Stolen Credentials

Beware!! 15 Billion Stolen Username & Passwords for Sale On the Dark Web

New research indicates that more than 15 billion username and passwords are circulated on the dark web. This exposed credentials would result...
Citrix patched

Critical Bugs with Citrix Allow Unauthenticated Code Injection, Privilege Escalation DoS & Data Theft

Citrix patched 11 security flaws with Citrix ADC, Citrix Gateway, and Citrix SD-WAN WANOP edition. Out of that four bugs can be...
Cerberus Android Banking Malware

Cerberus Android Banking Malware Mimic as Currency Converter App Found on Google Play

Cerberus Android banking malware found on Google play targeting Android users, particularly in Spain. Cerberus spotted first in the year 2019, it...
project Freta

Project Freta – New Free Microsoft Forensic Tool to Detect Malware & Rootkits in...

Microsoft launched a new Forensic tool dubbed Project Freta that helps the organization in discovering the undetected malware. Project...
Undeletable Adware

Android Devices Infected with Undeletable Adware that Sits on System Partition

Researchers observed that 14.8% of all Android users attacked by malware or adware still have infection left in the system partition.
Network Penetration Testing

Most Important Network Penetration Testing Checklist

Network Penetration Testing determines vulnerabilities in the network posture by discovering Open ports, Troubleshooting live systems, services and grabbing system banners.


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