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Voter Database

Hackers Steal More than 19 Million Records of California State Voter Database

A newly discovered unprotected MongoDB database contains a large volume of data which belongs to California state voters information that Contains Every Registered Voter...
Kali Linux Tutorial

Crack WPA/WPA2 WiFi Passwords With Wifiphisher by Jamming the WiFi

Wifiphisher is a security tool that mounts automatic victim-customized phishing attacks against WiFi victims so as to get credentials or infect the victims with...
Cyber Security

Do you know How Many Efforts Google dedicate into Cyber Security for Secure the...

Google always Maintain the Extremely strong Cyber Security Culture for Data security, Network Security, Cloud Security and Physical security. Google's this extreme level security...
TRITON Malware

New Malware “TRITON” Manipulate and Shutdown the Industrial Control Systems

A dangerous malware family called "TRITON" distributing to attack Industrial control systems that leads to Perform an emergency shutdown the industrial processes. Researchers believe that...
Cyber Attack

Leading IT Security Firm Fox-IT hit by Cyber Attack

Worlds Leading IT Security firm Fox-IT hitting by Man-in-the-Middle Cyber Attack and an attacker accessed the DNS records for the at their 3 rd...

Apple Released a Critical Security Updates for iOS 11.2.1

Apple released a new Critical security update for iOS 11.2.1 and Apple products such as tvOS, watchOS, macOS. This Apple security update for remote attack flaw that...
Mirai botnet

Hackers who created Dangerous Mirai IoT Botnet Plead Guilty

Hackers pleaded guilty in creating and Operating the most dangerous Mirai Botnet that immobilize some popular websites and colleges. Mirai is malware which turns computer...
Spider Ransomware

Beware!! New Spider Ransomware Widely Spreading by using Office Documents

A Newly discovered Spider Ransomware widely spreading around the world which delivery through decoy Office documents that usually spreading via the malspam campaign. This Spider Ransomware using...

Using n1n3 to Simulate an Evasive Fileless Malware – Proof Of Concept

Fileless malware are types of malicious code used in cyber attacks that don’t use files to launch the attack and carry on the infection...
Kali Linux Tutorial

How to Launch a DoS Attack by using Metasploit Auxiliary

In this Kali Linux Tutorial, we show you how to launch a powerful DoS attack by using Metasploit Auxiliary. Metasploit Metasploit is a penetration testing platform that...
Microsoft Released

Microsoft Released New Security Patch Updates for More than 30 Critical Security Issues

Microsoft released security updates for December to patch 34 security issues in different software category and some of the patch released under very critical...


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