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iOS zero-click

Google Discloses a zero-click Wi-Fi Exploit to Hack iPhone Devices

Google Project Zero has disclosed the details of an iOS exploit that allows an attacker to hack iPhones remotely over Wi-Fi and...
Oracle WebLogic Vulnerability

Critical Oracle WebLogic Vulnerability Flaw Actively Exploited by DarkIRC Malware

Juniper Threat Labs researchers observed active attacks on Oracle WebLogic software using CVE-2020-14882. This vulnerability, if successfully exploited, allows unauthenticated remote code...
New malicious NPM packages Used by Attackers Install njRAT Remote Access Trojan

New malicious NPM packages Used by Attackers Install njRAT Remote Access Trojan

No, not the one that nibbles at your Thanksgiving leftovers. RAT, Remote Access Trojan, is a type of malware that enables attackers...
COVID Vaccine Maker targeted

North Korean Hackers Targeted COVID Vaccine Maker AstraZeneca

British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, one of the manufacturers leading the way towards developing a Covid-19 vaccine, has been targeted by North Korean...
zero-day Vulnerabilities Schneider

Red Team Research Discovered 6 new zero-day Vulnerabilities in Schneider Electric StruxureWare

“A zero-day vulnerability is a software security flaw that is known to the software vendor but doesn’t have a patch in place...
Signed Bandook Malware

Signed Bandook Malware Attacks Against Multiple Industrial Sectors

Like a phoenix rises from the ashes, Bandook has risen after several years. Bandook, written in both Delphi and C++ was first...
Homeworkers Urged to Use VPN Protection

Homeworkers Urged to Use VPN Protection

As we continue to navigate through the coronavirus pandemic, there’s been a considerable increase in remote working. Companies are encouraging their employees...


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