Free Threat Hunting Platform Security Onion Released Updates – What’s New!

The third Beta version of Security Onion 2.4 is made available by Security Onion Solutions. A free and open platform for log management, enterprise...
Toyota Misconfiguration Data Leak

Toyota Server Misconfiguration Leaks Owners Data for Over Seven Years

The Leak discloses Address, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Email address, Phone number, Name, and Vehicle Registration Number.
Dark Pink APT Group

Dark Pink APT Group Compromised 13 Organizations in 9 Countries

Dark Pink has successfully targeted 13 organizations across 9 countries, highlighting the extent of their malicious activities.
Barracuda Zero-Day Flaw

Hackers Exploit Barracuda Zero-Day Flaw Since 2022 to Install Malware

This vulnerability exists due to improper processing, validation, and sanitization of the names of the files within the user-supplied .tar file.
Jetpack WordPress Plugin Flaw

Critical Jetpack WordPress Flaw Exposes Millions of Website

This vulnerability could be used by authors on a site to manipulate any files in the WordPress installation
Phishing Attacks

Shut Down Phishing Attacks – Types, Methods, Detection, Prevention Checklist

In today's interconnected world, where digital communication and transactions dominate, phishing attacks have become an ever-present threat.By masquerading as trustworthy entities, phishing attacks deceive...

Kali Linux 2023.2 Released – What’s New!

Users of Kali Linux can now upgrade to the 2023.2 version, which has many new features and enhanced capabilities.
Google CTF 2023

Google CTF 2023 – Rewards over $32,000 For Winners

CTF (Capture The Flag) exercises have existed for several years. These CTF exercises provide a great challenge and provide great knowledge for ethical hackers...
Phishing Attack Abuses .Zip

New Phishing Attack Abuses .Zip Domain to Emulate Fake WinRAR Within the Browser

A phishing attack that involved mimicking a browser-based file archiver software like WinRAR using a .zip domain to enhance its credibility.
Fake GoDaddy Refund Invoices

Invicta Malware Delivered Through Fake GoDaddy Refund Invoices

The creator of this Invicta malware is heavily active on social networking sites, using them to advertise their information-stealing malware and its deadly...

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