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Tracking Photos

Tracking Photo’s Geo-location to See Where the Photo Was Taken – A Forensic Analysis

This article is about collecting metadata from photographs. Metadata is information which is created for every file's format. Examples for metadata: file created...
Linux Malware Skidmap

Linux Malware Skidmap Uses kernel-mode Rootkits to Hide Cryptocurrency Mining Activities

Skidmap is a recent sample of the Linux malware that loads malicious kernel modules to hide it's Cryptocurrency mining activities by faking...
ES-File Explorer

ES-File Explorer Vulnerability Let Attacker Access All Your Personal Files In Your Phone Remotely...

A high severity authentication bypass vulnerability that resides in ES-File Explorer due to insecure FTP activity let remote attackers gain access to...
Insider Threats

5 Steps How To Protect Your Company Infrastructure From Insider Threats

While most people worry about threats from hackers trying to breach their security from the outside, it’s just as, if not more,...
Hackers using Facebook and YouTube Profiles to Host Astaroth Malware C2 Server

Hackers using Facebook and YouTube Profiles to Host Astaroth Malware C2 Server

Cybercriminals abusing Facebook and YouTube profiles to host the Astaroth malware that launches through sophisticated phishing campaign to target mainly Brazilian citizens.
Threat Actor Sells Source Code of Popular Android RAT in the Dark Web

Threat Actor Sells Entire Source Code of Popular Android RAT in the Dark...

Dark web forums are the nesting grounds for threat actors to distribute hacking tools and other illicit documents. These dark web forums...
LED Wristbands

How Researchers Hacked LED Wristbands and Taken Complete Control

LED wristbands to light up large shows and events, it will be provided by event organizers to attendees, the wristbands are a...

Most Important Web Server Penetration Testing Checklist

Web server pen testing performing under 3 major category which is identity, Analyse, Report Vulnerabilities such as authentication weakness, configuration errors, protocol...

How Hackers Possibly Penetrate F-35 Fighter Jet – Guide to F-35’s Tech and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an evolving market, and organizations are always advised to keep their network armed and secured against cybercriminals. Considering the recent...
Data governance

Data Governance – Best Practices for Collection and Management of Data With Data Governance...

Data Governance: Companies today must do all they can to create advantages against the competition. This means using...


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