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Android Application Penetration Testing

Android Application Penetration Testing – Part 9

In Last Part, Android Application Penetration Testing Part 8 We have seen about the Attacking through Content Provider when an app wants to share data with...

DHS Issued Emergency Directive Ordering Federal Agencies To Audit DNS Activity for their Domains

DHS issued an emergency directive to federal agencies and it staffs to Audit DNS Records, Change DNS Account Passwords, Add Multi-Factor Authentication...

Google Launches phishingquiz To Test That you Can Identify Phishing Emails

Jigsaw, subsidiary of alphabet launched phishingquiz helping user's to identify what's fake, the program loads eight questions and asks the user's to...
Insider Threat

Insider Threat Detection Software: Protecting Against the Insider Threat – What You Should Know

Insider Threat is one of the dangerous threat actors for many organization and keeping your business protected from outside threats is hard...
Parrot 4.5

Parrot 4.5 Released With Linux 4.19, Metasploit 5.0 and More Dev Tools

Parrot 4.5 Released with major changes with new Linux kernel version, includes support for Metasploit 5.0 and more dev tools come pre-installed.
CryptoMix ransomware

CryptoMix Ransomware – Tricks Users to Pay Ransom for Helping Children

CryptoMix ransomware (old ransomware spotted early in 2016) returns with a new trick, ripping data and images from crowdfunding sites and claiming...

Google is hit With the Highest GDPR Fine of 50 Million Euros

On the 21st January 2019, France’s data-privacy watchdog, The CNIL imposed a financial penalty of 50 Million Euros against the company GOOGLE...
Free Android VPN apps

Hidden Malware and Privacy Risks with the Top Free Android VPN apps in the...

Many of the VPN apps in the google play store failed to protect the user privacy, potentially malicious and spy on users...
DDOS Protection

Why Do Universities Sites Need DDOS Protection?

Universities and colleges are among the risk group that is mostly affected by the frequent DDOS attacks according to the latest research. For...
SQL Injection

Web Application Pentesting – Manual SQL Injection With Error Based String Method

SQL injection is the code injection techniques to gain access to the database(MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle etc).Owasp 2018 Release still describes this injection as A1...
Cisco Small Business

Unpatched Critical Flaw in Cisco Small Business Switches Allows Attackers to Bypass User Authentication

A critical vulnerability with Cisco Small Business Switches that allows an remote attacker to log to an affected device and to execute...

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