Using the best SEO plugins is important for every website owner no matter how old or new is the website. Using some good search engine optimization plugins, one can increase the ranking of their website on the internet. All these SEO plugins which we are going to discuss are so relevant and easy for beginners to use. So let’s have a look at some of the best top 10 search engine optimization plugin to boost ranking. 

  1. Rank Math

Rank Math is a Search Engine Optimization plugin for WordPress websites. It helps users to boost the ranking of their websites in search engine results pages. Rank Math suggests all the issues related to SEO that can be rectified by the user to make it user-friendly and SEO friendly. This plugin can be easily downloaded on your WordPress site. It comes with win-rich snippets options that can make your site stand out on the Google page. Through this, you can check the issues related to 30 known factors on SEO. It is the best SEO plugin that you can ever use. 


Yoast search engine optimization is one of the best SEO plugins available today. This SEO plugin is a five-star plugin with limited complaints by users. Yoast SEO is such a useful plugin that weekly comes with an update and Impresses WordPress and other websites with its work. The best thing about this plugin is that Yoast SEO has its website with all the premium and best functions that an excellent plugin should have. You can learn all the basics of SEO and its functions and uses from the Yoast SEO plugin which is an advantage you are getting. Yoast SEO should be your first choice. 


SEO press is a premium plugin that has all the basic and pro functions included in it. The premium version of SEO press Is from WordPress and comes with no ads. The free version of this plugin also offers an extreme level of trust in users. The SEO press plugin is a powerful, fast-working, and a modified plugin that helps you in letting manage your posts, title, etc. The free version of this plugin also offers you the content analysis which most of the free version does not offer. 

  1. AIOS

All in one SEO pack plugin is the best SEO plugin for WordPress whose name itself tells what is it. This WordPress plugin is been providing webmasters and other famous websites easy essays and many SEO challenge tricks by which your website can rank at number one. The major benefit of using this SEO plugin is that you don’t need any skill or anything to access or to start using the AIOS plugin. Overall AIOS plugin gives you all the features to control and to use this plugin to a full extent. 


We all know that search engines are the best thing which helps to give your site a direction but you don’t have to sit back and enjoy. If you want to increase the ranking of your website you have to choose the google XML site maps plugin which offers you various beneficial features that helps to boost the rankings of your website. If you choose google XML site maps then automatically a google map will be generated on your website which will help the users too. Taking load does not mean you have to hard work forever it’s just that once you are done with the map setting then you don’t need to take any load. Google XML site maps are the best SEO plugin for WordPress. 


It is sure as you increase your blogs on your website or as you get to engage more and more with your website you will need some managing functions too which the broken link checker plugin offers you. The name of the website says it all that finding missing images or broken content is a difficult task which all the plugins can not perform but broken link checker SEO plugin can. It is a great advantage for you that this plugin will help you to keep an eye on your website for a long time and will never ditch you. It is considered one of the best SEO plugins. 


The SEO squirrely plugin is mainly generated and marketed for the people who are not experts in using these plugins. The search engine optimization squirrely generates more SEO keywords and recommendations than any other plugin. It has a different point of view which means it highlights the keyword in such a way that when you will write the keyword it will pinch a green light which attaches and attracts more and more audience to that particular website. It is convenient as it is the best SEO plugin for WordPress. Progress monitoring is measured on a regular weekly basis. 


Looking for the best SEO plugin for WordPress? When you visit any website there are some links which should be meant something but there are so many fraud websites which only pastes link from another website which is illegal too. The only way to see that your links are not hurting someone or are not copied can be only solved by Rel nofollow checkbox. This plugin also offers an extra checkbox that marks very accurately while creating links for ranking and website too. Rel nofollow checkbox SEO plugin helps to remain the speed of your website fast so that the users do not get disappointed. 


 Word lift is an excellent WordPress plugin also considered as the best WordPress SEO plugin. It uses all the advanced technological and extraordinary functions which is beneficial mainly for the content editor. This word lift plugin helps you to organize your content automatically in a basic way. The plugin is also useful in adding internal links which is a thing not offered by another useful plugin. Also, with the help of this excellent plugin, you can translate your content into articles and pages. It also consists of google assistant, Siri, and Alexa to solve all your difficult problems just away. Word lift plugin is one of the best choices. 

  1.   9) W3 TOTAL CACHE

This W3 total cache plugin is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins. Also, after the announcement of google that only site speed is the ranking factor, every individual does not focus on overlook just simply improve speed setting, and yet, this plugin is made for speed only. This plugin helps in improving speed up to 10x. W3 total cache is a recommended SEO plugin. 

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