Dixons Carphone provides an update with the security incident that announced On 13 June 2018. With the last incident reported they have spotted an unauthorized access to certain data in processing systems.

Dixons Carphone plc is Europe’s leading specialist electrical and telecommunications retailer and services company, employing over 42,000 people in eight countries.

With the new report, the company said more than 10 million customers personal data such as their names, addresses, and email addresses were exposed and the data have been accessed in 2017.

Also, the hackers gained access to the 5.9 million credit cards, out of that 5.8m of the cards has chip and pin protection. Dixons Carphone assured the payment cards or bank account credentials not affected by any fraudulent transactions.

Dixons Carphone Chief Executive Alex Baldock said: “Since our data security review uncovered last year’s breach, we’ve been working around the clock to put it right.”

“That’s included closing off the unauthorized access, adding new security measures and launching an immediate investigation, which has allowed us to build a fuller understanding of the incident that we’re updating on today.”

“We’re now also contacting all our customers to apologize and advise on the steps they can take to protect themselves, reads the company statement.”

There is a drastic increase in the number of attacks and 2017 is the year for some worst data breaches, many of the 2017 data breach due to security misconfiguration, insecure data storage and overall inadequate solutions to protect data.

This is the eighth data breach reported in the last 30 days followed by TimehopHondaMyHeritageDixonsCarphoneTypeformAdidasExactisTicketmaster, and yatra.

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