10 Outstanding AngularJS development companies to hire

Hello, friend! I want to help you with the search for the best AngularJS development company for your projects. I’ll write about 10 outstanding AngularJS development companies to hire and I wish you will find a perfect company for yourself!

What is AngularJS for?

AngularJS one of the hot and trending JavaScript framework for web development and contains a great number of advanced features like:

  • data-bound and protectorate injection;
  • all in the MVVM pattern is communicated mechanically across the UI;
  • whenever anything changes this eliminates the need for wrappers, setters, or class declarations and AngularJS handles all of this since everything happens mechanically;
  • you can ask for your dependencies the parameters in AngularJS service functions;
  • testing environment of AngularJS requires no additional frameworks or plugins including testing;
  • deep linkage for dynamic pages, this allows you to encode the status of the program in the URL so that you can add bookmarks to the program;
  • directives can be used to create custom HTML tags that serve as new custom widgets, they can also be used to decorate elements with behavior and manipulate DOM attributes in interesting ways;
  • AngularJS gives stateless controllers too that initialize and control the scope protest.

10 outstanding AngularJS development companies to hire

In the world there are many good AngularJS development companies and I would like to highlight the top 10 of them and it is rather difficult but I want to tell you about these companies:

1. IndiaNic: It is one of the top IT companies in India and the USA. IndiaNic is proud of their achievements, they embody people’s desires using technologies. IndiaNic is one of the companies where the leading framework is AngularJS, with which it solves extraordinary cases for companies from around the world. For them, there are no restrictions on the scope of the project, any of which IndiaNic takes control of, of course, through application development services. IndiaNic decides to provide comprehensive solutions for all the products that it develops. Thanks to AngularJS, the company of developers smoothly implements any project at all levels of complexity. Thanks to the help of IndiaNic, companies increase their profits up to 90% in the first year of use.

2. Clarion Technology: Their slogan sounds like: “We exist for the sake of the code”, which can be confirmed with the results of their work. Clarion Technology is an Indian IT company that has been working with software since 2000. The company creates products that facilitate the functions of personal and professional life to give people more time for themselves and leisure. Clarion Technologies works in many areas, such as logistics, games, healthcare. Of course, the company uses AngularJS to carry out quality projects. They have 4 centers in the world where you can seek help: 3 in India and 1 in New York, USA.

3. Exadel: Since 1998, Exadel has been working in various areas, such as mobile development, quality assurance, cloud development, product engineering ad etc. The developers of this company are well versed in all versions of Angular, including AngularJS. Their team constantly follows the trends in AngularJS, so the products they create have a high level of quality. Now they have 23 offices around the world (Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, USA) so it is not surprising that they have a huge client base, which includes UBS, Microsoft, GHX, and NCP.

4. MLSDev:  MLSDev is one of the best web development companies in the world, which effectively uses AngularJS. It works with small, medium and large corporations to carry out their tasks, and among the large companies their clients are McDonald’s, Panasonic and ESPN. By choosing MLSDev you can be sure that your order will be fulfilled taking into account the latest trends, support at all stages and the result that will make your business more successful. The main difference from other development companies is that MLSDev focuses immediately on the mechanics of the project and its solutions, significantly saving product execution time. Its work is based on a principle that is fashionable to show in the form of a chain: solutions – tasks – management – implementation – constant improvement, support and advice. So, you will always have new support after the end of the project in MLSDev.

5. Software Brother: Their slogan says a lot: “Elon makes us go to Mars, we make your idea reality”. Strong bid, right? Software Brother is a company that develops websites, applications and online systems. Their main feature is professionalism, which they never miss, so their team of AngularJS developers employs only the best specialists.

Their values:

  • strong relationships ( SB builds strong relationships with their customers because they say they work with them, not just for them);
  • striving for excellence (be better than you were yesterday – their goal);
  • style (all services are provided with style, it is not even discussed).

Their client base already has more than 100 successful projects, many of which were created with the help of AngularJS.

6. Dev Technosys: Dev Technosys is a company with extensive experience in developing web and mobile applications. The company successfully uses AngularJS, creating various applications, the main reason why Devtechnosys chooses AngularJS is its optimized work, which is extremely important for the company. During its time in the labor market Devtechnosys completed about 1,000 projects with a team of 120 excellent specialists. They were hired by large corporations such as Nike, Whirlpool, and Pak Ceramics. One of the distinguishing features of this company is innovation in the world of technology, they are savvy in the hottest trends, so it is not surprising that their projects are exciting.

Industry that Dev Technosys services:

  • service marketplace;
  • automotives;
  • banking;
  • ecommerce;
  • event and tickets;
  • education;
  • travel and tours;
  • café and restaurants.

Each project is designed with experience and awareness of the importance of each stage of development, so the products created by Devtechnosys are successful in the market.

7. BairesDev: BairesDev is one of the best companies in Latin America specializing in software outsourcing. It actively uses AngularJS to create the most innovative projects. BairesDev has completed 850 successful projects in various fields of activity such as games, cloud computing, virtual reality, etc. The selection of specialists in their team is extremely careful, because according to the company itself, they employ only talented people who create incredible products. Their customer base includes such huge corporations as Google, Rolls-Royce, Netgear, and SiriusXM. BairesDev is certified and based on the latest trends in the market, so all their projects are created following all trends. The company’s developers have an average of about 10 years of experience with projects of various sizes: from startups to giant companies, so they are focused on all market segments. Of course, after the project is completed, BairesDev liaises with the customer and helps control the work process.

8. WeblineIndia: WeblineIndia employees have been working with AngularJS for a long time, because they know that projects created with its help are always successful in the market. The development team closely monitors all the latest developments in technology and trends to develop first-class products. WeblineIndia developers always listen to all the needs of the customer in order to skillfully realize them. Based on their experience, methodology, those tools developers try to present the result of work as soon as possible (not forgetting about quality).

9. Arpatech: Arpatech actively uses AngularJS to make the developed product more successful on the market and get the best marketing promotions. The project development process is formed from several stages: planning, testing and implementation, which results in a quality product, because at each stage of development all problems are solved. All the wishes of the customer are realized in reality, because the smallest requests are taken into account, so do not doubt that the product will fully meet your dreams (or better). The strategy of creating mobile applications is fully focused on the functional benefits of the program. Arpatech is a top application development company that focuses on innovative technologies.

10. Algoworks: Algoworks uses AngularJS to create flexible and dynamic applications. The developers use all the latest trends of AngularJS, in addition, each project is implemented on time and within an agreed budget. Another reason why customers choose Algoworks is the wide range of specialists under one roof. Algoworks services are used by customers from all over the world from South America, East Asia, Great Britain, and all of them are regular customers, because they are convinced of the quality of the product. Algoworks operates in a variety of areas: enterprise content management (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM), and software development (SPE) solutions.

So, it’s my top 10 outstanding AngularJS development companies to hire. They are all great collaboration options, and the main thing that unites them is that they work with AngularJS, because they know that customers are always happy with the products developed in it.


So, in this article, I have introduced you to 10 outstanding AngularJS development companies to hire, let me remind you which ones: IndiaNic, Clarion Technologies, Exadel, MLSDev, Software Brothers, Devtechnosys, BairesDev, WeblineIndia, Arpatech, and Algoworks. Each of these companies is special and interesting in its own way, each makes incredible projects and has a huge customer base. What unites them is that they all use AngularJS in product development because they are confident in it. Following the trends and technologies, the developers have been creating competitive products on the market at AngularJS for more than a year.

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