Hackers who support PewDiePie, A most subscribed YouTube channel so far strike again and compromised more than 100,000 printers around the world to promote and gain the subscription agaist T-series.

This latest series of attack followed by previous printer hack that took place on last month which is for same intention to promote the channel since the peak war between T-serious and PewDiewPie.

PewDiePie is the leader of the most subscribed youtube channel for more than a year now and an another Youtube channel from India called “T-Series” currently has over 75 million subscribers is the biggest competitor of PewDiePie. Live Subscription 

This new stick against T-series by PewDiePie Support hackers targets thousand of printers and print out with different quotes that prints to Unsubscribe to T-series and support to PewDiePie.

A hacker who behind this attack anonymously contact with BBC and told, 
“I’ve been trying to show that ‘hacking’ isn’t a game or toy, it can have serious real-life consequences,”

He explained that flaws in the printers’ firmware meant that he could continuously force data to be written to their chips. “These chips have a limited lifetime of ‘writes’,” he explained. “If you keep the loop on enough, the chip will fry and the printer will no longer function.”

Hacker claimed that they have compromised more than 100,000 printers worldwide and peoples from UK, US, Argentina, Spain, Australia and Chile have posted pictures on social media of the latest print-outs. Pewdiepie Also retweets that ” Oh god, it’s happening again! Lol”


More peoples experienced this printer hack on their printers have created copies of the poster when they return to work on Monday.

It indicates that “PewDiePie is in trouble and he needs your help to defeat T-Series!”

The message then instructs readers to subscribe to the YouTuber before adding: “Seriously. Fix your printer. It can be abused!”

  • carry out regular audits of connected devices
  • install the latest security patches
  • question whether or not everything connected to the internet really needs to be.

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