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13 Methods To Increase Likes, Shares, Comments, and Views on Your YouTube Videos

Every day, viewers go through more than five billion video clips on YouTube. The downside is that for small businesses looking to increase views or engagement with the YouTube videos, you’ll face plenty of competition. The good news is that YouTube boasts more than 2 billion daily active viewers, and their love for video is increasing.

If you’re interested in using YouTube videos to promote your company, be sure to follow these steps to ensure your videos receive free YouTube comments, views, likes, and engagement from your audience.

Create a catchy title

The title of an online video is the primary element that decides whether a viewer chooses to view it or not. So, make sure you write a catchy title that draws people to see it. Be sure that the title contains the primary keyword and conveys the film’s content. You might want to consider using the number (either the year of the video or the number of topics you discuss in the video) and a description that is in brackets like”[VIDEO]” or [HOW-TO-GUIDE], both that have been proven to improve the number of clicks. YouTube can accommodate up to 70 characters for the title; however, studies have shown that titles with less than 30 characters have higher engagement.

Make a custom thumbnail.

Thumbnails tend to be the first thing people see of your video; therefore, the thumbnail you select should grab their attention quickly. If you’re looking to get more engagement, make sure to create custom thumbnails of your videos rather than using an auto-generated freeze frame taken from the video. According to YouTube, 90percent of top-rated videos on YouTube have the custom thumbnail.

Write a good video description

YouTube provides you with 5000 words for your description; however, your first couple of lines will appear in search results. Therefore, begin with a solid 2- to 3-word introduction that contains your desired keywords. In the middle, the description section gives additional details about the content of your video. Lastly, include the users with links for more information, like your social media channels and website.

Include relevant tags

YouTube tags are short phrases or keywords which provide YouTube details about the content and the context of your video. They serve as ranking factors in YouTube search results. Tags should be added to every video, including your primary keywords, variations of them, the general category, and an assortment of specific and broad tags.

Incorporate hashtags

Similar to other social media platforms, hashtags make your video more searchable and improve the visibility of your video. It is possible to include hashtags in your video’s title or description. If there aren’t hashtags in the video’s title, YouTube takes the three initial hashtags in your description and places them over the title. You may use up to 15 pertinent hashtags in your description of your video. If you go over 15 hashtags, YouTube will penalize your video by not displaying ALL of the hashtags in the description. It could even delete the video.

Utilize closed captioning

To help users (and web crawlers) comprehend your video’s content, make sure to include written versions that explain the content. You can upload a transcript of your video or make use of YouTube’s automated captioning feature, which uses speech recognition to generate captions that you can add to your videos. (The speech recognition isn’t always perfect, and you should check the captioning to make any corrections before displaying it to the public.)

Make use of analytics to know your target audience

You might believe you are aware of who your YouTube users are; however, the analytics of YouTube, which can reveal what demographics define your viewers as well as the types of videos they enjoy and how active they are – can be extremely valuable to confirm your strategy or letting you know if you’re not meeting your goals.

Optimize your video for suggestions

YouTube analyzes your video’s name tag, description, and title to determine when appropriate to recommend the video to someone who has recently watched a similar video. To improve your chances of being ranked highly in search results for suggested videos, find the most popular video with content similar to yours and apply the identical tags.

Encourage engagement

There is a clear connection between the number of comments, likes, and shares the video receives and how well it ranks, so, after the clip, make sure to ask viewers to comment or share the video or even subscribe to the channel.

Engage your viewers

 If you invite your viewers to interact with your video content, You should do the same for them—the favor. Be aware of the viewer’s comments about your video content. And respond quickly to questions and take part in discussions. The ability to communicate with your viewers will lead to greater engagement and increase your credibility as a channel, resulting in more traffic to your website and sales.

Create playlists

Suppose you know someone who likes an article enough to keep watching through to the end; odds that they’ll like similar or similar video content from your channel. Keep them entertained by making playlists that automatically play various videos on your channel.

Incorporate cards into your videos

YouTube cards are like tiny ads that can be inserted into your videos to provide the element of interactivity. Cards can point viewers to your site, invite them to take an online poll, or tell them to a playlist or another video they may like. You can attach up to five cards to each video.

Advertise your YouTube videos on social media

Many social media sites do not like them when you post links to a YouTube video, as they’re encouraging users to leave the social media channel. To circumvent this issue, make a brief video of the YouTube video. Post it as an actual video in your Facebook and Twitter media channels, and then include the link to the full clip in the comments.

Buy YouTube Comments

YouTube is one of the most well-known and well-loved social media websites today. It’s a top choice for promo videos as well as images. If you’ve got photos or videos you want to promote, you’ll require efficient as well as reliable comments to help support the post. YouTube users will like to comment on your post and have any comments. If you buy YouTube comments, you are likely to succeed in convincing people about the value of the video. But, to ensure you get top-quality and reliable comments, you’ll need some valuable tips from this article. To receive high-quality and trustworthy comments, You will require some helpful information.

Target the perfect time to buy YouTube comments

It’s evident that you’ve uploaded a gorgeous video on YouTube However, users aren’t commenting on it after viewing. It could be due to you posting your comments in random intervals. If you’re considering buying YouTube comments, it’s recommended to focus on the most popular or peak times. These are the times when people will be able to take a look at the current status on your YouTube account.

Make sure that your comments are positive and real

Making sure you have positive comments on the YouTube page is crucial if you decide to purchase. If you’ve got positive comments that compliment your post, this will affect viewers who view your post. They’ll be more likely to leave positive comments regarding your video.


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