Alex Bessell a 21-year-old computer hacker from Liverpool was Jailed for two years. He was found running an online hackers shop and controlled more than 9,000 zombie computers to launch a DDOS attack on firms like Skype, Pokemon, and Google.

Bessell created his own deep webshop called “Aiobuy” and offered more than 9,000 products on the site and he earned more than $700,000 in selling Botnets and Malware.

He offered tools including remote administration tools, Botnet tools, crypters, booter access and other malware and illegal items according to west-midlands police.

Computer Hacker – Alex Bessell 

Cyber investigators from West Midlands discovered that Bessel seized more than 9,083 bots, and his online deep webshop has more than 35,000 purchases and 26,000 registered customers.

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Investigating officer DC Mark Bird said “This is one of the most significant cybercrime prosecutions we’ve seen: he was offering an online service for anyone wanting to carry out a web attack”.

Alex Bessell
Alex Bessell

He also sold his own product crypter that could hide form computer users and makes them invisible to anti-virus systems. Bessell conducted 102 attacks on firms such as Google, Skype, and Pokemon.

It meant anyone who had a grudge against a person or company, or who merely needed to conduct a cyber-attack, didn’t would like the technical knowledge themselves. They merely required to select a bit of malware, pay the fee, and Bessell would do the remainder.

Anyone who is using their technical expertise for sinister motives needs to sit up and take notice of this sentence – because they face a very real risk of being jailed.


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