3 Best Android Apps to Help College Students

For college students, it’s always difficult to keep all their lessons and homework well-organized as well as manage their time. Sometimes for some of them, it may seem that life turns into an endless circle, and every new day just looks the same as the previous one. Of course, some students try to delegate their homework to reliable services like WriteMyPaper4Me.org, but sometimes it’s not enough to simplify their life and get rid of various college problems. Students need not only help in fulfilling their homework but also in planning their day, scheduling weekends, and protecting themselves in some dangerous situations.

Meet these three great applications to simplify students’ life and organize every day perfectly. It’s possible even to have some time for fun and partying when you keep all your things under control! 

  1. I can’t wake up. We know how it is difficult to wake up in the early morning. Many students prefer to use a snooze button on their phone alarm. As a result, they’re late for class. If you want to solve this problem, try this great application for Android. With this alarm, you will have to complete a challenge in the morning to turn it off. Get rid of the temptation to snooze after you hear the alarm! Use custom options in the Pro version that costs only $2.29 and become a punctual student who comes for class on time every day!
  2. Any.do. We know students always have a pile of things to do but they may forget something easily. If you want to organize your everyday things, you need a good app to schedule your day. With Any.do app, you can create a daily plan, set reminders, make various lists of tasks to do. It’s possible to access your schedule from different devices, including your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. With this amazing app, you will complete all your things perfectly and get some free time to rest!
  3. Circle of 6. Nowadays, the problem of safety gets first place in the world for all people. We know that safety is very important for students, especially for those who come to the new town to study. Improve your safety with a smart app! The Circle of 6 is created to help in dangerous situations and make students’ life safer. A student just needs to install the program and then choose 6 trusted friends to the circle. If later this student finds themselves in a dangerous situation, the members of the circle will get SMS alerts with the exact location of the student. 

Every student can easily upload and use these wonderful apps to become more punctual, organize your day, and increase their safety. Apart from useful programs and services that can help you with homework and studying, we recommend using all three applications to get the maximum effectivity, punctuality, and safety in the college.

Gurubaran is a PKI Security Engineer. Certified Ethical Hacker, Penetration Tester, Security blogger, Co-Founder & Author of GBHackers On Security.

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