3 Examples of Creative Use of React JS for Interactive Websites

React JS gives you immense possibilities when it comes to web design. With its help (and a skilled web developer, certainly!), you can create a compelling experience and animate your way towards recognition.

Remember the moving newspapers in the Harry Potter universe? In the beginnings of the Internet, no one imagined how quickly we’ll get close to this vision. Now we are used to the embedded elements like animations and GIFs. The React JS takes it even further, making it possible to construct the interactive websites so different from the common ones within a short time.

What is React JS?

Putting it simply, React JS is a library based on JavaScript that allows web developers to create interactive elements on websites. For some, it might sound like a double-dutch, so maybe let’s explain in few words what JavaScript is. This coding language revolutionized web development as it allowed including dynamic web content on the websites. That includes some infographics, GIFs, not to mentions slide shows are more advanced interactive forms. JavaScript allows not only to create it but also to control it. Almost every website nowadays uses this language in addition to basic HTML and CSS. React JS brings it to the next level.

When it comes to the library itself – it is a great simplification for web designers. Instead of writing with JavaScript from scratch, they can use the ready-made code sequences. It speeds up the whole react JS development process.

The creative uses of React JS

Nowadays, JavaScript is literally everywhere. But some web developers make extraordinary use of it, creating interactive websites that can help you stand out from the Internet crowd. Obviously, only some types of content go well with such a framework. Which ones? You’ll find some ideas below.

#1 Online portfolio

A portfolio should present your work attractively. For some, it is not the CV but portfolio that allows them to land a new great job position. That’s why creating an interactive one may be a great idea (especially if you’re planning to specialize in React JS development – show your skills to the world!). Instead of typical icons or slide show, you can present your career path in an animated way, and let the recruiter discover it in the order that he prefers.

#2 Brand storytelling

Nowadays most of us don’t read the content any more – we’re closer to scanning it. So why not present the story of the brand in an unconventional way? Instead of just putting text, it’s worth taking the visitor for an interactive journey.

#3 Project presentation

As you might have noticed, the interactive design works especially in combination with storytelling. When presenting your project, you usually start from the earliest stages, showing its progress. Use react services to make it more attractive to the viewers and let them discover it in their own way. Include interactive infographics and other engaging elements.


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