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3 Ways to Track a Cell Phone Location by Number

There are many reasons why you would want to track a cell phone location. Apart from knowing where it is, tracking, especially remotely, will lead to its position when lost. You could also want to track phones belonging to your kids or employees.

All these reasons always look for one answer. A cell phone tracker that can do it secretly, remotely, and be able to track in several ways. One is the GPS, use of Wi-Fi, and the cell phone number. Getting an app or service that does both is of more significant advantage.

If you have been finding other solutions that bore no fruits, don’t worry, we have passed there too. The only difference is that we now have three you can use to find a cell phone location by number.

So, keep reading to see how.

Part 1: Tracking a Cell Phone Location by Number with Spyic

One of the recommendable apps that you can is the Spyic monitoring solution. It has already been used by millions of parents and employers in more than 190 to track cell phones.

What most people like about it is that it will give you more information than the exact phone’s location. It goes ahead to reveal the call log, browsing history, social media reports, and the phone’s SIM Card location.

That’s how you can use it to tell where the phone is using the number. The way Spyic tracks while in stealth mode led to featuring in major news outlets such as CNET. If you have an Android or iOS phone you would like to track, know that Spyic works both ways.

Regardless of the OS, you don’t need to root or jailbreak anything before using this application. That makes it one of the safest tracking tools in the market. To track the phone number in Android, you need to install Spyic once on the phone you want to locate.

For iOS, no downloading or installation is required. Just make sure the two-step verification is disabled in the phone, and you have the iCloud credentials with you. After that, you can set up the account and start tracking remotely.

After installation and set up, you can view the data via any device since the panel is web-based. It’s compatible with all browsers and will fetch the information from the phone despite the distance.

To use Spyic properly when tracking a cell phone’s number, here are the instructions to follow.

1.1 Steps to Track a Cell Phone Location by Number using Spyic

  • Go to Spyic main website and register an account using an email address and password.

Select the OS you want to monitor depending on the phone you want to track. It’s either Apple or Android.

  • You will be taken to a page with pricing plans. Choose the most suitable one and make the purchase.
  • After the payment, you will receive an email confirming it. It will have the receipt, log in details, and setup instructions. If you are tracking an Android, you will also get a download link.
  • For iOS tracking, you can go ahead to login to Spyic account. Make sure you have the iCloud details of the phone you want to track as you do so.
  • Back to Android, use the link sent via email to install Spyic in the phone you want to monitor.
  • Make sure you select stealth mode before ending the installation process. After that, finish up and get ready to access your account remotely.

Login to your Spyic account and wait for it to synchronize with the phone before seeing the panel.

  • If you are tracking an iOS phone, after logging in, verify the iCloud credentials first.
Cell Phone Location

After that, select the device you want to monitor to continue.

  • Spyic’s cloud will sync with the iCloud before revealing the dashboard.
  • Once you get to the control panel, you will see features on the left. To view the phone’s location, click on the Location feature.

To locate the number, use the SIM Card feature at the bottom left after scrolling down. Click on it to show you the SIM card info, and it’s location below. At the top right, you can input your email to get alerts when it’s changed.

Part 2: Tracking a Cell Phone Location by Number with Cocospy

Cocospy is another monitoring application that you can use to track a cell phone’s, SIM Card. Just like Spyic, it works while hidden or in stealth mode when doing so. Millions of users across the globe have already tried it for monitoring those they care about.

Cell Phone Location

You can use it in both iOS and Android phones. To maintain safety and the phone intact, Cocospy does not need jailbreaking or rooting before its use. Downloading and installation are inevitable if you are tracking an Android. However, that only happens once.

In iOS, you only need the iCloud credentials to get started. Everything can be set up online without touching the iPhone.

Whether in Android or iOS, tracking in both is done via a web-based panel that displays the fetched information. It’s fully compatible with all browsers so you don’t have to worry about the device you’ll use for remote access.

To use it, create an account with Cocospy then follow the Spyic set up instructions. You will be good to go!

Part 3: Spydialer Reverse Phone Lookup Tool

Now, if you don’t have a way to use an application, you can opt to get the records. Spydialer is one of the web-based services that can help you find more about unknown phone numbers.

All you need to do is visit the website and input the phone number you want to search. After that, click on search and wait for the results. You can get reports involving the phone number’s owner, physical address, social media info, workplace, any criminal records, etc.

Cell Phone Location

The report you get depends on what is found relating to the number. It may be correct or not. Spydialer receives the information from public records, which means they are not responsible for filling them. If you get the wrong thing, that means it was filled that way.

Apart from the records, you can use it to dial the number to see if it’s working. The owner will get a missed call on the other end with a voicemail saying they have been spy dialed. The number displayed is a dummy one so, nothing about you is disclosed.

Apart from the number, you can also use it to search other things such as the physical address, name, or email. Spydialer has millions of records to help you with that. The only disadvantage is that it only works in the US.


With those three ways, it is now easier to track a cell phone’s location using the number. Our first two solutions have more features, which include GPS location tracking. If the phone’s data is off, you can switch to the SIM Card feature and continue tracking.

Other solutions can be used, but there is a reason why we are recommending Spyic and Cocospy. You can use them to track remotely regardless of the distance between you and the phone. They are also safe to use before, during, and after tracking.


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