Almost all Apple devices have a great outlet in the second-hand market and it is not too complicated to sell them at a very interesting price. Unlike for example the smartphones with the Android operating system, the iPhone does not lose too much value in the market, for reasons that are complicated to explain and difficult to understand.

If you are going to sell your iPhone, your iPad or any Apple device today we are going to show you a series of tips, which you should follow in any case to the letter, to avoid problems and dislikes. Take your device out of Cupertino, read on and get ready for the 5 things you should always do before selling your iPhone in the second-hand market.

1. Make a backup:

First, we must make a backup of all data and documents stored on our iPhone, which in most cases tend to be many. For this, my recommendation is that you do it through iTunes, for which you must connect your device to the computer, and open the application. Once in it, you just need to click on the “Backup” option. If you want to keep your backs you should encrypt the backup by activating the corresponding option and giving it a key that you will need the next time you want to decipher the backup copy.

Some will ask you why it is not recommended to make the backup through another method, and the only reason is that through iTunes a greater amount of information will be saved. In addition this backup we can use it to install it on any device quickly and above all simple.


2.Disconnect the iCloud services:

The next step will be to disconnect our iCloud account in case you have it connected. To do so, go to “Settings” and access the “iCloud” section. Simply click on the email or Apple ID, and click on the “Log out” option. You can see below the menu that you should find;

Once we click on “Close session” we will be asked if you want to keep the information on the device or delete it. Logically we must click on the option to delete the information that will appear in red. You should also close the session in all the applications in which you have started.

3. Permanently Delete All The iPhone Data by SafeWiper For iOS

A simple removal or “Restart” cannot ensure that your data has been 100% deleted. It only makes the data invisible on your iPhone. If you want to make sure that nobody will recover your deleted data, you will need to overwrite them. iPhone does not have that option. You need the help of a draft data for iPhone that promises zero chance of recovery.

You can consider SafeWiper For iOS to erase your data in a professional way. It is the best solution to save space on your iOS device and to protect your privacy. With advanced overwriting technologies, you can remove all data from your iPhone to be 100% unrecoverable. Even data previously deleted on your iPhone can be found and deleted completely. No one can recover your data again, no matter what software they use.

SafeWiper For iOS has a friendly and easy to use interface that only requires 3 simple steps.

  1. When SafeWiper Program is installed on the computer, connect iPhone to computer

Then, just wait for it to finish and all the data on your iPhone will be completely erased without any possibility of being recovered. You do not need to worry about data security on your iPhone and resell it.

4.Disconnect the rest of iTunes services and the App Store:

Before launching to sell the iPhone in the second-hand market, it is essential that we unlink our iTunes account and the App Store. The process is quite simple and for this, we must go back to the “Settings” application and then access “iTunes Store” and “Apple Store”. Click on your Apple ID and click on the “Close session” option.

Going up the level it is also important that you unlink your device from the Messages and FaceTime services. Once again we will go to the “Settings” application where we must “Close session” for the two applications, leaving, for example, our conversations and our messages safely.

5.Unlink the iPhone from our Apple ID:

This step is fundamental and is that failure to do so cannot restore the device without entering the keys of the Apple ID to which it is associated.

To carry out this step we must go to the web “” and we will begin our session with our Apple ID. Search the list of devices that we are going to sell and we must click on the “Remove” option if we have the page open in English.

Finally, we should delete the device that we are going to sell our purchased products. Access this link and choose the device from the list that will appear.

Remember to back up your iPhone before using SafeWiper to delete data ,when all the programs are done, you can sell your iPhone without any worries .


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