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46.2 Million Malaysian’s Personal Data Leaked Online – Largest Data Breach Ever in Malaysian History

Malaysian’s Biggest Data Breach Exposed around 46.2 Million Mobile phone numbers Data have been leaked online from Malaysian telecoms and mobile virtual network operators (MVNO).

The information that has got out includes postpaid and prepaid numbers, customer details, addresses, IMEI and IMSI numbers.

Exposed Data Including 17 million rows of customer information Candidate’s name, login name, hashed passwords, email id, nationality, address and handphone number from Jobstreet database.

720,000 entries indicate that Name, MyKad number, contact number, email address, blacklist status, address, job, employer details, salary and spouse’s details from housing loan applications.

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In this case Malaysia’s population is only around 32 million, but many have several mobile numbers and some of numbers are might be inactive and temporary.

Data Leaked time stamps indicate that leaked data was last updated between May and July 2014 between the various telecoms.

Earlier of This month on online forum and news site lowyat.net, which reported that some one was selling huge databases of personal details belonging to Malaysians.

Based on the dates in the data, we can safely say that the data breach took place sometime in 2014-2015 and Finally  lowyat.net Find the exact data the was exposed online.

Along with this Telecom Data Leaked, aslo leaked  3 databases belonging to the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA), as well as the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA).

Total Records
Last Updated
Malaysian Medical Association (MMA)
Malaysian Medical Council (MMC)
Malaysian Dental Association (MDA)

This Sensitive Medical Record details around  81,309 records and time stamps show that it was last updated on 2015.

According to lowyat, The MCMC is following up with the relevant agencies to determine the source of the breach, but we now believe that the data was already being traded online much earlier then we first estimated. Based on the condition of the files that we obtained, we are quite certain that it has already changed hands more than once.

lowyat.net Founder Said, “The seller had created many new accounts, trying to sell the data. We had to continuously remove them. The accounts were created using many email addresses and new IP addresses”.

Lowyat Disclaimed that ,All data we recovered is currently encrypted and stored in a single location. We will be destroying all data that we have retrieved by Friday, 3 November at 12 pm. Data owners, please contact us should you require us to handover the data.

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