5 Essential Security Tips for App Development Teams

Applications are designed not only to entertain us but also to enable businesses in every sector to connect with their clients and customers. When developing and testing a new application, developers need to ensure that it is secured against unauthorized access while allowing access to important data. This means testing the app for vulnerabilities and ensuring that it meets relevant security standards. In addition to securing the app itself, development teams also need to conduct security testing to minimize project costs and protect their reputation. Here are five essential security tips that every app development team should consider in order to make sure that their applications are secure.

  • Test security early in each project

Security should not be an afterthought when developing an app. It should be part of the planning and execution at every stage of the project. This is important for both privacy and security and should be completed as each component comes together. If security testing is left to the end of a project, it will be more complex and time-consuming to find and solve the security issues.

  • Hire a security testing expert

Security threats are changing every day as cybercriminals adopt new tactics to gain access. It is unlikely that your team of developers has the time to not only design, build and test an app but also to stay on top of the latest security testing best practice. This is why many companies turn to external security testing services that make it their business to understand all the threats facing businesses today. Alternatively, hire an employee who is responsible for all security testing who will have the time to stay on top of the latest in security best practices and can work with multiple developers or teams.

  • Limit access to authorized personnel

Allowing unrestricted access to all your systems is not wise from a security point of view. Not all your employees need access to the most sensitive data, such as SSH keys and API account information. Secure certain areas of your system for authorized personnel and ensure that those people are using multi-factor authentication. Keep in mind that if one area of the system is breached, it is likely to compromise the security of other connected areas too.

  • Ensure that your entire network is secure

Many tools used by development teams work alongside one another and are integrated, and this can be a significant security risk. If a hacker is able to access one aspect of a network, it is likely to be much easier to access the rest. It is, therefore, important to keep elements of the network separate so that one breach would not compromise all. If your team uses communication and task management software where they are sharing sensitive information, such as Slack, you might benefit from switching to a Slack alternative. Alternatives, like Mattermost, are intended for development teams and place importance on keeping it secure and private.

  • Use automatedsecurity tools

Conducting security testing can be time-consuming, but there are plenty of automated testing tools that will analyze code and manage security more accurately and in less time. This can help development teams to improve their security and make their processes more efficient.

PRIYA JAMES is a Cyber Security Enthusiast, Certified Ethical Hacker, Security Blogger, Technical Editor, Author at GBHackers On Cyber Security

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