5 Facts You Should Know About Cybersecurity

Are you fascinated by the world of cybersecurity? If so, then keep on reading. We are going to be listing five facts about the cybersecurity world, and explaining them.

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  1. The world’s most famous hacker is Kevin Mitnick.

Kevin Mitnick had one goal in his mind. To become the best hacker in the world. Mitnick managed to achieve that by hacking into 40 major corporations stealing information and data.

On top of this, Mitnick managed to avoid the FBI but eventually was caught and arrested. Some of his crimes included:

  • Rode the buses for free in LA by bypassing the punch card system
  • Stole software
  • Evaded FBI
  • Stole large amounts of data and information from various companies
  1. Ransomware is the most used technique by cybercriminals.

Ransomware can be described as a form of malware that works by encrypting your files.

After encrypting your data, users will generally be sent a message saying that if they want them back, they must pay a large amount of money. To prevent this, it’s essential to keep your technology up to date and install antivirus software on your computers. 

  1. There is a hacker attack roughly every 39 seconds.

Yep, that sounds crazy, and you’re right it is! Right now, as you read this article, dozens of attacks have happened over the web.

In your lifetime, there is a one in three chance that you will get hacked at some point. The only way to prevent this is to ensure you have secure usernames and passwords and antivirus software that is updated regularly.

  1. Small businesses are targeted at more than large companies.

Most small businesses are lower in security, so it makes sense, when you think about it, that they get hacked more than large companies. Some small companies have reported being hacked up to four times. To fix this, small companies should take extra precautions. They can do this by installing firewalls and anti-hacking software.

  1. The world has over a trillion dollars to cyber attacks.

It sounds like a lot, and it is. Some companies have reported losing hundreds of thousands of dollars are year to cyberattacks, and the numbers are only increasing as hackers become more aware of systems and strategies to break through our firewalls. With over 1 billion websites, there is a large pool for hackers to choose from.

So there you have it. Cyber attacks are increasing, but it’s important to remember that we can prevent this by making sure we update our software, change our passwords frequently, and install protection. If you want to help make a change in the cyber world, think of a career in cybersecurity.

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