6 Cybersecurity Trends To Expect In 2021

As the internet has become the primary way we communicate, work, and study in the past few years, the concerns about its safety have increased too. This is because with so many aspects of our lives online, any breaches can lead to major consequences. Think about it. You have all of your financial information and personal information online. If there’s a chink in your cybersecurity armor, then all your sensitive information will be at risk. Therefore, cybersecurity is an increasingly critical aspect of our world today.

As 2020 saw the pandemic changing the world, cybersecurity became even more important. This was because work, education, and commerce shifted primarily online wherever it was possible. When you’re at home, just signing up for Spectrum packages and using basic antivirus software is not exactly the pinnacle of cybersecurity. The field continues to evolve and is taking into account the rapid improvements in technology. Cybersecurity experts also know that the world is becoming more digital everyday, so they have to ramp up their game in 2021. Inventions like 5G networks and autonomous driving software will further add to the challenges and opportunities for these security experts. Here’s what you can expect them to progress with in the coming year.

Integrated Automation

These days, most manufacturing and data processes have been automated. This means that there is minimal human effort involved and the work is as precise as it can get. However, these automation processes are quite complex, with multiple steps and methods. Therefore, there are numerous opportunities for nefarious parties to exploit.

Cybersecurity experts will try to counter this by making their own processes automated as well, with the right safeguards in place at every step. After all, it is not possible for human speed to catch up with and prevent any damage done to AI programmes. Thus, experts will have to get cracking and figure out the best way to protect automated processes from being hacked. 

Automotive Hacking Prevention

While autonomous cars are all set to be quite an exciting technology, there are serious safety concerns about data protection. In addition, it’s not just autonomous cars which are vulnerable. Most major automotive manufacturers use cloud technology and internet connectivity to handle all the new systems cars now come equipped with. While all these driver assistance features are quite useful, any hacking activity could lead to dire consequences.

Therefore, cybersecurity experts need to deal with this industry by creating the appropriate safeguards for these systems and for autonomous driving software. As both of these things are becoming more common this year, they need to work fast on their safety features.

IoT Networks Using 5G

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a more pervasive part of people’s lives everyday. It is currently gaining popularity, with everything from your phone to your vacuum cleaner being part of the ecosystem. In 2021, as 5G networks become more widespread, this is expected to increase even further.

This is because 5G offers the kind of speeds and support which will enable IoT networks to perform to the best of their limits. However, as it’s a new technology, there may be numerous security loopholes along the way. Therefore, 2021 will see cybersecurity experts cracking down on IoT networks and constantly adding security patches to them.

Cyber Warfare

One of the most dangerous implications of a more digital world is its impact on warfare. Government and military organizations also use the internet for a variety of purposes. This leaves very sensitive information vulnerable to nefarious attacks. This requires a whole new level of cybersecurity.

Weapon technology, communications, and intel are mostly shared using some sort of network or the other. Even with protected networks, there is a risk of hacking, so cybersecurity experts have to constantly provide the best solutions to prevent catastrophic cyber warfare.  

Cloud Vulnerability

Even though cloud storage is quite convenient, it is still vulnerable for hacking or other kinds of leaks. This is because the user is still as vulnerable as ever if they have malware or viruses in their devices. In addition, if users leave these loopholes, the whole cloud could be in danger.

Therefore, cybersecurity experts will have to make sure they have viable solutions in place to protect the cloud.

Cybersecurity Training Modules

Cybersecurity is not something that should just be confined to the experts. The people using devices should also be aware of how to prevent hacking and leakages. This is a particularly sensitive point for companies, as they try to protect their proprietary and customer data from nefarious competitors.

Therefore, we will see more organizations hiring dedicated cybersecurity training personnel to make sure employees are taught how to protect data in the best way possible.

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving field. In 2021, with more technologies improving and being created, it will become even more essential especially for businesses in various industries.




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