Telecommunications giant Verizon’s Customers 6 Million Sensitive personal data leaked online due to misconfigured cloud-based file repository and this Misconfiguraton leads to exposed customer phone numbers, names, and some PIN codes publicly available online.

This Data Breach occurred due to “Human Error” and  Verizon’s Cloud-based file server was operated by Verizon’s Third Party vendor  NICE Systems.

Data Repository Belongs to unprotected  Amazon Web Services S3 bucket and Verizon used NICE Systems technology in its back-office and call center operations.

This Leak Discovered by UpGuard  ,the company — the same company that discovered leaked voter data in June.


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Leaked Data Contain Verizon Call Center logs

Exposed data contained 6 million records of subscribers who called the phone giant’s Verizon’s customer services in the past six months and the leaked data was downloaded by anyone by easy guess web address.

An indicator of this attack was repository’s subdomain, “Verizon-sftp,” and Folders were titled from “Jan-2017” through “June-2017,” and each folder contained folders for each day of the month.

The “verizon-sftp” repository (Soruce: UpGaurd)

Each Folder Contains directories of each and every days of the month and each day’s folder contains the compressed files.

According to UpGuard , Once unzipped, the contents of these daily logging folders are revealed to be sizable text files, some as large as 23 GB and the text Files contains composed of voice recognition log files, the records of an individual’s call to a customer support line, including fields like “TimeInQueue” and “TransferToAgent.”

“Other fields and their answers, such as “CallCenterPassword,” indicate which account-holders have requested a higher standard of security for customer service calls to change account settings, allowing any potential scammers in possession of the logs to determine which customers would be easier to victimize.”

Nice Systems Unprotected  cloud server also contained data from French mobile telco Orange S.A. but unlike Verizon ,those data not as sensitive as the data stored in the Verizon directory.

UpGuard spoke person Dan O’Sullivan said, exposed PIN codes is a concern because it allows scammers to access someone’s phone service if they convince a customer service agent they’re the account holder.

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