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6 Stages of Software Development Process

More and more businesses are turning to software application development to improve their productivity and scalability. Therefore, it is also prevalent to the needs of software product development company services provided by Erbis.

It is great to have the idea right now but when it comes to the software development process, you will not regret to rely on Erbis as your main software product development company and work together with them. While many of us have known that it is not an overnight solution, it is important to know the phases of the software development so that you can be prepared for it.

Here are the six stages of the software development process that you need to comprehend.


Your software project without planning can put you and your enterprise software development company in jeopardize. Of course, the plan should be the first and foremost stage to conduct. That includes the assessment of the pros and cons of the project, so that all the staff will be able to troubleshoot and work around with working scenarios.

Your software company will focus on the requirements for the products. So, it won’t be surprising that everytime you are conducting a new software project, the plan will be the focus for the first time. The project managers and stakeholders will hold the important meeting to make the game plan.

Usually, the meeting will open with a simple question like the objective of the software, the end-user targets, the elements of the software, the output, and many more. The planning meeting can be tedious and time-consuming because the development of the software should be compliant to your company’s specific goals.

If you’re the person in charge, you might want to give your software company a heads up before proceeding with the meeting. You could set an appointment for pre-meeting to discuss the big pictures of your company’s needs and requirements. Therefore, when the stakeholders, developers, and all the involved parties meet, there won’t be a significant problem to worry. 

In this case, Erbis can help you from scratch. Ebris can help you to reimagine your company system and give you suggestions on the right platforms that will meet your company’s practical needs.


Analysis is very important to weigh the rooms for improvements and find the solutions for them. Erbis, as your custom software development company will work together with you to analyze every stage and find out if there are any additions to the project.

After the software company and you are able to answer several questions regarding the software, analysis will be the next condition. It is where the responsible team will assess the effects of the elements assembled in the final product of software. 

In this case, one will create the requirement specification document. This can also take some time and effort to finish.


The design of the project is an important step taken by the software product development company. This step will give you a big picture of the capability of your software with the standards that meet your requirements.

 The final analysis of the software will help the software company to brainstorm the product design from the requirements before.

The product design will define the hardware needs to run the product smoothly. It is important to make the right design so that there will be no problem in the deployment of the software.

We will help you to design the product architecture with the incredible focus so that it will stick to the track.

In the designing phase, Erbis and your party will need to decide the development platform utilized to develop the software. That could be Java, Laravel, .NET, FileMaker, or others depending on the requirements towards your software development.

That includes the User Interface and User Experience designs. The developer will be compliant to the users target so that they will be able to design the right User Interface for the future users.

Our team in Erbis is filled with the senior software engineers and experienced programmers who have years of experience. Therefore, designing the project is one of their habits.

After designing, our software engineers will move the phase to the development and implementation stage.

Development and Implementation

This stage is where our actual tasks are undertaken. The team from Debris will be developing the software with the data recording going on. After developing the software, our professionals team will proceed with the implementation stage where the product goes to the test flight. Here is where all of the parties involved will see if the project works well or not.

 In the development stage, we will be focusing on the coding. As mentioned before, our team is filled with the senior software engineers. That means the programmers and the other staff will work together to meet your expectations. They will need to transform the design to the user interface with the proper coding. Of course, the team will conduct the development based on the requirement specification and the design documents we already received.

With the proper sources, we will start programming. It is also the right phase when you’d want to outsource the coding activities since most of us have known that coding activities can be time-consuming.

 Outsourcing with Erbis can be a great solution if your internal team does not have resources and skills in the field.


Testing stage allows multiple parties to use the software to the max. In this phase, the main objective is to find the possible errors and bugs in the software. The sooner our staff and end-users find the bugs and errors, the better.

The testing phase will expose the early bugs and errors. Therefore, it requires the fast actions from the developers to fix the problem before releasing the software. If the team does not find any problem anymore, then they can proceed to the app maintenance.


After the staff conduct the test and retest, the software is ready to dispatch because there is no significant issue, bug, or error anymore. But all the parties involved are willing to prevent any mishaps from happening in the future. And if you are looking for a business scalability, you will really need to be open to upgrades in the future.

The software product development company will put your software in the maintenance phase. From time to time, there will be possibility for adaptation and upgrades. It is also possible that there is expansion on memory, processing power, or database storage capacity to keep the system running without any hassle.

If you want to carry out such successful software development, you cannot go wrong with Erbis. We have years of experience in custom software engineering and development. Don’t risk your big project to the poor services. The last thing you want is that you are wasting your money and resources.


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