Zaif exchange

Hackers stolen cryptocurrencies worth $60 million form Japanese cryptocurrency exchange firm Zaif exchange hot wallet that connected to the internet.

The stolen cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Monacoin and Bitcoin Cash, the attackers gained control over Zaif exchange hot wallet for two hours and transferred the funds.

Tech Bureau group who owns Zaif said that bout 2.2 billion yen ($19.6 million) of stolen coins belonged to the exchange and the rest was client money. The company also agreed to pay compensation for the users who lost the assests in the hack attack.

Withdrawls and deposits are halted as Zaif rebuilds the system, and no information on when the services to be restored.

The company signed an agreement with a Fisco Ltd to receive 5 billion yen as an investment to pay compensation and in turn Tech Bureau transferred the majority of ownership.

“Documents seen by Reuters on Thursday showed Japan’s Financial Services Agency would conduct emergency checks on cryptocurrency exchange operators’ management of customer assets, following the theft.”

This is the second attack targeting Japanese crypto exchange, starting this year Tokyo-based Cryptocurrency Exchange Coincheck Hacked and the attackers stole more than $500 Million Worth NEM cryptocurrency which is one of the Biggest hacking in the Cryptocurrency history.

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