7 Solid Reasons to Buy Fantom in 2022

FANTOM FTM is a blockchain platform optimized to mitigate crypto scalability issues in a public ledger. This blockchain platform sets itself apart from other traditional blockchain ledgers by integrating a new protocol into the FANTOM OPERA chain.

FTM tokens are designed to be used worldwide for compatible transactions. There is no way you can believe this, but Fantom’s native token has grown more than 14000% in the past year. Still, FTM is undervalued even after that growth.

Hence, seven reasons will reveal why Fantom is a good investment. Let’s discover them here.

1. Fantom is secure, scalable, and efficient

The Fantom blockchain not only wants to create a decentralized platform that solves problems related to the crypto ecosystem, but the foundation wants to create a platform that different companies can use from every sector over the globe.


In short, Fantom is a scalable open source blockchain that facilitates the global transaction. If you buy Fantom, you will receive high sustainability and efficiency that supports ledger technologies. The main motive of the Fantom foundation is to become a powerhouse protocol. The average blockchain time is reduced daily, even after the high transaction count.

Fantom is a feature-packed platform.

A fantom determines several features that make it a perfect blockchain platform. These features include instant transactions, a high level of security, scalability, and EVM compatibility. That means the contracts of Fantom are smart enough and fully compatible with Ethereum virtual machines. That also means that a developer can easily create smart contracts with coding languages that Ethereum uses. It is one of the lucrative terms that boost the development of Fantom.

Fantom is comparatively different from other blockchains.

Fantom is quite different from other Blockchain and what makes it different is the DAG technology. DAGs are the structures known for years in the mathematics and computer world, and this technology is older than blockchain technology.

Earlier it was not in name, but the technical advantages it offers to build a distributive system have made technology a hot topic. However, often the question arises why Fantom used this technology over Blockchain, which is highly secured.

You might know that Blockchain uses bitcoin and Ethereum, and the inefficiency of this crypto is incredibly high. But with DAG, a fantom can process different nodes simultaneously, which means it offers more speed and scalability and secures transactions to the developer.

  1. Buyers can earn rewards by staking FTM tokens.

Buying FTM tokens, a buyer can earn up to 14.15% of APY that contributes to the Fantom decentralized system.

However, to take advantage of this foundation and earn from it, you need to follow some steps such as:

  • Open the wallet
  • Now deposit the purchased FTM tokens into your wallet
  • Select the validator and lock your FTM token for at least 2 weeks.

You do not require hardware to go through this process; you can perform these steps on your phone or computer.

Fantom is suitable for different cases.

No matter which business you run in the economy sector, you can optimize the performance of payments from your client with the help of Fantom transaction protocols. Let’s understand it with an example. Imagine you are running an online clothing business, and someone has ordered from your website, and they have done the transaction using FTM tokens.

Then, once the client receives its order, the platform will pay the business using the same tokens. On the other hand, if the clothes aren’t delivered, and the client asks for a refund, all the decisions will be taken by Fantom smart contract quickly.

Earn rewards by running nodes

If you want to earn rewards through FTM tokens, run node validator. It allows the participants to be a part of the Fantom protocol to boost the blockchain security system. However, to participate, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill.

  • A minimum of 500000 FTMs are required
  • An Amazon virtual server
  • A minimum of 800 FB of Amazon in SSD storage

You will receive a reward of a 15% fee.

Offers one billion dollar incentive program

Recently, the Fantom foundation announced a 1 billion dollar incentive program. After which, the development activity and the use of Fandom increased significantly.


Compiling all these reasons justifies why purchasing Fantom is a good choice. FTM has high potential and can be an initial step toward participating in different projects and interacting with decentralized apps.


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