Researchers discovered 2 new databases online that contains a 70000 Pakistani Banks Credit/Debit cards data go sale on the underground market.

Group-IB who were discovered this database estimated the vaule nearly 3.5 million USD and it is one of the big sale of Pakistani banks data on dark web in the past 6 months.

These stolen cards data now available for sale in Joker’s Stash , one of the biggest underground dark web market for stolen credit/debit cards.

All the available data are unauthorized digital copies of the information contained in the magnetic stripe of a payment card which belongs to single Pakistani Bank – Meezan Bank Ltd.

Interesting part is that all the cards came to sale with PIN number and the each card price was fixed as $50 which is pretty higher that normal card sale price $10 to $40 on dark web.

2 Different Dumps

First discovered dump contains 1,535 cards data with the title of «PAKISTAN-D+P-01» and 1,457 of which were issued by Meezan Bank Ltd and the card data was set up for sale on Jan. 24, 2019

Second Database bigger than the first one which was on January 30th with the name of The «PAKISTAN-D+P-02» on Joker’s Stash that contains comprised of the details of 67,654 cards of Pakistani banks.

Group-IB said to GBHackers on Securityvia email, ” The sellers marked the set as “high valid” and, unlike the first set, advertised the database on all major underground forums such as («Omerta», «Crdclub», «Enclave» etc.). 96% of all cards in the set were also related to Meezan Bank Ltd.”

Researchers believe that the stolen data from that the leak might be involved in a larger incident, potentially an advanced actor gaining access to card systems within Pakistan.

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