Tech giants hacked

A new shocking report reveals eight of the world’s biggest technology service giants hacked by the Chinese Ministry of State Security sponsor hackers since 2014.

Suspected hacking attempts are initiated by a team of hackers who resides in China against major well know tech giants including Fujitsu, Tata Consultancy Services, NTT Data, Dimension Data, Computer Sciences Corporation, and DXC Technology. HPE.

Groups of threat actors are taking advantage of weaknesses in these corporate companies, their customers and exploited their network under the massive campaign Known as Cloud Hopper.

Chinese Government sponsored hacking group also known as APT 10 Threat actors is one of the sophisticated hacking group in the world and the group mostly targeting commercial activities including aviation, satellite, and maritime technology, industrial factory automation, finance, telecommunications and consumer electronics, computer processor technology, information technology services.

Recently, two hackers, Zhu and Zhang members from Chinese state sponsor APT group were working under the Cloud Hopper campaign, announced as most wanted cyber criminals by FBI for identity theft and fraud.

These massive campaign was intended to steal the industrial or commercial secrets  and many of the victims unsure about what kind of data was stolen.

According to Routers Report, The campaign also highlights the security vulnerabilities inherent in cloud computing, an increasingly popular practice in which companies contract with outside vendors for remote computer services and data storage.

Routers interviewed almost 30 people involved in the Cloud Hopper investigations including former and current companies executives, government officials, security researchers, and also router reviewed hundreds of pages of internal company documents, court filings.

Chinese hacking group started these attack mostly by initiating by spear phishing attack targeting the respective company employees and drop the malware to steal the sensitive data such as a password.

NTT Data, Dimension Data, Tata Consultancy Services, Fujitsu and IBM declined to comment. IBM has previously said it has no evidence sensitive corporate data was compromised by the attacks.

Chinese government completely denied all the accusations involved in this campaign.“The Chinese government has never in any form participated in or supported any person to carry out the theft of commercial secrets,” Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

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