Virgin Media Home Routers Vulnerable to Password Attacks

Virgin Media Home Router Super Hub 2 vulnerability that has found from Default password that leads to hacking the Super Hub 2 home Routers within a day. Virgin Media, a leading provider of internet, TV, and phone services.

Routers Default Password Contains very weak passphrases that can easy to hack within very short time by using advanced hacking Tools that has Found in online.

According to which? The user had remained on the relatively weak default password – only eight characters long, using just lowercase letters from an A-Z alphabet, with two letters removed.

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Virgin said, approximately 864,000 Super Hub 2 routers still in customers’ homes that has low security contain Default Passwords.

Which ? Investigation targets real home Routers virgin Media Super Hub 2 router for its cable broadband and successfully cracked the Password and also  log in to the router’s configuration page, since the default password for doing so is shared across all Super Hub 2 devices.

Hack Connected Devices

Virgin Super Hub 2 hack investigation reported that , this Passphrase Flow also leads to access the other IOT Devices inside of the home that has been Connected with this Routers .

Once the Virgin super Hub 2 Compromised  which is used with Default password, then Hacker can Control even the Smart Devices of used in home.

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After reported to Virgin by which? , there are approximately 864,000 Super Hub 2 routers in customer homes, although those numbers are falling as more customers are upgraded to the Hub 3.0.

Virgin said Super Router 3.0 has Strong Default that contains 12 Character long and Mixed of symbols and numbers.

Security Test that done by Virgin for 3.0 version and confirmed the High security with Router and its impossible to Compromised by any kind of Password Attacks.

Virgin requested to Super Hub 2.0 Version users to Change the Default password and Make sure your new password has at least 12 characters and includes a mix of upper and lowercase letters, plus numbers. Find out how to set a new password below.

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