Security researchers Lukas Stefanko, spotted 9 Fake apps on Google play that has more than 8 Million installations. These apps are advertised as an useful remote utilities for users.

Those fake apps dosen’t perform any function as it advertised, instead it displays ads and hide’s itself once installed and launched.

The app once launched hides from user’s view and starts displaying ads, for every 2 to 3 seconds it continiously display ads.

At last it says “Your AC is not supported by the app and you must download another app” the app dosen’t have any functionalities to facilitate the remote connection.


Following are the malicious apps

  • Remote control
  • TV remote controller
  • TV remote controlling
  • Remote for Air conditioner
  • Remote for television for free
  • Air conditioner remote control
  • Universal TV remote controller
  • Remote control for the car (prank)
  • Remote control for TV and home electronics

This is the second news this week that shows the presence of adwares in the play store, earlier this week 85 malicious adware apps on Google play store spotted that downloads more than 9 million Android users around the world.

All the apps were uploaded by developers for an only purpose to make illegal money by displaying the various unwanted ads in installed victims mobiles.

Now the apps were reported to Google and the apps were removed from Goolge Playstore but developer still earning money from millions of already installed Android Devices.

To remove the app Settings -> Apps -> [app name from image] -> Uninstall.

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