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5-Year-Old Bug in Apple

A 5-Year-Old Bug in Apple Safari Exploited in the Wild – Google Project Zero

An active exploit in the wild for a vulnerability in the Apple Safari web browser has been publicly revealed by the Google Project Zero...

Google Project Zero Released Apple macOS Unpatched Zero-day Exploit PoC Online – Apple Crossed...

Security Expert from Google Zero Project released a PoC Exploit for Apple macOS kernal zero-day vulnerability that is failed to patch by Apple within...

Google Project Zero Disclosed PoC & Exploit for Serious Linux Kernel Vulnerability

Google Project Zero researcher disclose the exploit and PoC(Proof of concept) for a serious Linux Kernel Vulnerability that affected Linux kernel version 3.16.This bug...

Google’s Project Zero Reveals Unpatched Windows 10 S Security Bug After 90-day Deadline

Google's Project Zero Reveals Unpatched Windows 10 S Security bug that bypasses the windows 10 app lockdown that allows users to run only the...
NGINX Web Server Project

NGINX Web Server Project Addressed a zero-day Flaw in LDAP Implementation

A zero-day vulnerability in NGINX's LDAP Reference Implementation has been fixed by the maintainers of the NGINX web server project. The security update was...
Microsoft Patch Tuesday, May 2023

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, May 2023 – Fixes for 2 zero-days and 40 vulnerabilities

Microsoft released updates for two zero-day problems and 40 other newly discovered vulnerabilities in its products on Tuesday.CVE-2023-29336, one of the zero days, is...
Ghosttoken - Zero-Day Flaw

Ghosttoken – A Zero-Day Bug Let Hackers Create Invisible Google Accounts

An Israeli cybersecurity company, Astrix's Security Research Group, discovered a 0-day vulnerability in Google's Cloud Platform (GCP) dubbed Ghosttoken on June 19, 2022, which...
Chrome Zero-Day Bug

New Google Chrome Zero-Day Bug Actively Exploited in Wide – Emergency Update!

On April 18, 2023, Google released a new update for Chrome Desktop versions with security updates for actively exploited second Chrome zero-day vulnerability that...
New Google Chrome Zero-day

New Google Chrome Zero-day Exploited in Wide – Emergency Update!!

To address the first zero-day vulnerability exploited in assaults since the year's beginning, Google has published an urgent Chrome security upgrade.Users on the Stable...
Risk of Zero-Day

Google New Initiative to Reduce the Risk of Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Charley Snyder, the Head of Security Policy at Google, has posted a new initiative that will eliminate the risk of vulnerabilities and protect security...

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