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Charming Kitten APT Group Uses Innovative Spear-phishing Methods

Charming Kitten APT Group Uses Innovative Spear-phishing Methods. Volexity researchers recently noticed that threat actors are actively intensifying their efforts to compromise the credentials...

Charming Kitten APT Hackers Group Abusing Google Services to Attack U.S Presidential Campaign Members

The Iranian based hacker group Charming Kitten, also known as APT35 or Ajax or Phosphorus is active since 2014. The hacker group primarily targets...

New Sponsor Malware Attacking Government & Healthcare Organizations

The Ballistic Bobcat is an Iran-aligned APT group, and initially, about two years ago, cybersecurity researchers at ESET tracked this threat group. Here below,...

GroundPeony Group Exploiting Zero-day Flaw to Attack Government Agencies

A cyber attack group - GroundPeony, targeting the Taiwanese government, was discovered in March 2023; it used several tactics, such as tampering with legitimate...

Google Uncovered Tool used by Iranian APT Hackers to Steal Email Data

There has been an addition to the Iranian APR group Charming Kitten's malware arsenal recently with the addition of a new malicious tool. This...

Iranian Hackers Using BitLocker & DiskCryptor to Conduct Ransomware Attacks in U.S.

The focus of an ongoing attack against Israeli, American, European, and Australian organizations has been reported to have been provided by a ransomware group...

Microsoft Warns of Iranian Hacker Group That Rapidly Adapts New Tools & Techniques

At the CyberWarCon 2021 conference, the cybersecurity experts of Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) has presented an analysis of the activities and evolution of...

Domestic Kitten – Extensive Surveillance Operation Against Iranian citizens

Researchers have studied and analyzed the workings of the hacking group Domestic Kitten. Domestic Kitten also goes by the name APT-50, and has been...

Iranian Threat Group Exposes 40 GBs of their Training Video and Data Files

Iranian threat group ITG18 known for targeting pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. presidential campaigns. IBM referred to the group as ITG18, whereas the other...

Beware!! Iran Government Sponsored Hacker Group Phosphorus Attempt to Hack Email Accounts – Microsoft...

Microsoft issued a serious warning about the recent cyber activities that target the Government and private sector to compromise the high profile email accounts.The...

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