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AI Package Hallucination – Hackers Abusing ChatGPT, Gemini to Spread Malware

The research investigates the persistence and scale of AI package hallucination, a technique where LLMs recommend non-existent malicious packages. The Langchain framework has allowed for...

DarkGPT – A ChatGPT-4 Powered OSINT Tool To Detect Leaked Databases

DarkGPT, your next-level OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) assistant. In this digital era, the ability to sift through vast amounts of data is invaluable, and...

Critical ChatGPT Plugins Flaw Let Attackers Gain Control Over Organization’s Account

Threat actors can exploit ChatGPT's ecosystem for several illicit purposes, such as crafting prompts to generate malicious code, phishing lures, and disinformation content.Even threat...

ChatGPT-Next-Web SSRF Bug Let Hackers Gain Full Access to HTTP Endpoints

There are advantages to using standalone AI chatbots over cloud-based alternatives such as OpenAI; however, there are also some security risks.Research shows NextChat, a...

225,000+ ChatGPT Credentials Up For Sale on Dark Web Markets

Group-IB has released its latest report, "Hi-Tech Crime Trends 2023/2024," highlighting critical global cyber threats.The report reveals a concerning trend where over 225,000...

HackerGPT – A ChatGPT-Powered AI Tool for Ethical Hackers & Cyber Security Community

HackerGPT is a cutting-edge AI tool designed explicitly for the cybersecurity sector, particularly beneficial for individuals involved in ethical hacking, such as bug bounty...

PentestGPT – A ChatGPT Powered Automated Penetration Testing Tool

GBHackers come across a new ChatGPT-powered Penetration testing Tool called "PentestGPT" that helps penetration testers to automate their pentesting operations.PentestGPT has been released on...

Four Cyber Criminals Convicted of Spreading ChatGPT-Assisted Ransomware

Four Chinese cybercriminals were taken into custody after using ChatGPT to create ransomware. The lawsuit is the first of its sort in China, where...

650,000+ Malicious Domains Registered Resembling ChatGPT

Hackers abuse the ChatGPT name for malicious domains to exploit the credibility associated with the ChatGPT model, deceiving users into trusting fraudulent websites. Leveraging the...

NCSC Warns of Specific Vulnerabilities in AI Models Like ChatGPT

A large language model (LLM) is a deep learning AI model or system that understands, generates, and predicts text-based content, often associated with generative...

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