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Xeno RAT Attacking Users Via GitHub Repository And .gg Domains

Threat actors use RATs because they provide attackers with persistent access to compromised systems, enabling long-term espionage and exploitation.North Korean hackers and other actors...

JetBrains Warns of GitHub Plugin that Exposes Access Tokens

A critical vulnerability (CVE-2024-37051) in the JetBrains GitHub plugin for IntelliJ-based IDEs (2023.1 and later) exposed access tokens to malicious content within GitHub pull...
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Hackers Manipulate GitHub Search To Deliver Clipboard-Hijacking Malware

In a sophisticated cyberattack campaign uncovered on April 10, 2024, cybercriminals are exploiting GitHub's search functionality to distribute a particularly insidious form of malware,...

170K+ Python Developers GitHub Accounts Hacked in Supply Chain Attack

Over 170,000 users have fallen victim to a meticulously orchestrated scheme exploiting the Python software supply chain.The Checkmarx Research team has uncovered a...

Hackers Deploy STRRAT & VCURMS Malware on Windows Via GitHub

A new phishing campaign targets users with emails containing a button to "verify payment information." Clicking the button triggers the download of a malicious...

GitHub’s New AI Tool that Fixes Your Code Automatically

GitHub has leaped application security by introducing a new feature that promises to revolutionize how developers address code vulnerabilities.The new tool, code scanning...

Mintlify Data Breach Exposes Customer GitHub Tokens

A renowned software documentation platform has confirmed a security breach that led to the unauthorized access of 91 GitHub tokens.This incident has raised...

Hackers Abuse Amazon & GitHub to Deploy Java-based Malware

Hackers target these platforms due to their hosting of valuable resources and data.For financial gain or some other bad motive, the hackers intrude on...

Millions of GitHub Repos Found Infected with Malicious Code

Security researchers have uncovered a massive campaign of repository confusion attacks on GitHub, affecting over 100,000 repositories and potentially millions more.This sophisticated cyberattack...

Mercedes-Benz Source Code Leaked via mishandled GitHub token

Mercedes-Benz has been reported to have leaked its source code due to a GitHub token leak from an organization employee.This particular leak was...

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