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Lazarus Hackers Exploited Windows 0-Day to Gain Kernel read/write Access

The Lazarus Group, a well-known cybercriminal organization, has recently exploited a zero-day vulnerability in Windows to gain kernel privileges, a critical level of system...

US-Seized Crypto Currency Mixer Used by North Korean Lazarus Hackers

The U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned the famous cryptocurrency mixer Sinbad after it was claimed that the North Korean hacker group Lazarus was using it to...

Lazarus APT Laundered Over $900 Million Worth of Cryptocurrency

Threat actors have been laundering currencies with multiple methods. One of the most predominant ways they have been using lately was the Cross-chain crime....
New Sodin Ransomware Exploits Windows Vulnerability to  Elevate Privilege and Lock All the Files

Lazarus Tricking Employees with Trojanized Coding Challenges

Lazarus group has been recently discovered to have targeted an Aerospace company in Spain, which involved deploying several tools, including an undocumented backdoor named...

Lazarus APT Group Hijack Windows IIS Servers to Distribute Malware

Threat actors always search for vulnerable devices and networks to gain illicit access and perform malicious activities to accomplish their goals.The APT group, Lazarus,...

Lazarus Group Targeting Organizations in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

The FBI, CISA, and the U.S. Department of Treasury have issued a joint statement about the cryptocurrency theft and the tactics used by the...

Lazarus hacker Group Attack Defence Industries with custom-made Malware ThreatNeedle

Lazarus has now added the defence industry to its growing list of victims. Lazarus is a North Korean hacking group that has been active...

Lazarus APT Hackers Attack Japanese Organization Using Remote SMB Tool “SMBMAP” After Network Intrusion

Researchers from JPCERT/CC observed that the world's most dangerous APT hackers attack Japanese organization with different malware for during and after the intrusion on...

Lazarus Hacking Groups Behind the Targeted VHD Ransomware Attacks

Lazarus hacker group is known for its attack on Sony Pictures in 2014, the group is financially motivated and know to be active since...

Lazarus APT Group Uses Cross-platform Malware Framework to Launch Attack Against Corporate Entities

Lazarus APT group believed to be run by the North Korean government, the group know to be active since 2009. The group is financially...

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