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DinodasRAT Linux Malware Attack on Linux Servers to Gain Backdoor Access

DinodasRAT, also known as XDealer, is a sophisticated C++ backdoor targeting multiple operating systems. It is designed to enable attackers to monitor and extract...

New Linux Malware Attacking Apache, Docker, Redis & Confluence Servers

A sophisticated malware campaign targeting servers running popular web-facing services such as Apache Hadoop YARN, Docker, Confluence, and Redis has been identified.This campaign...

GTPDOOR – Previously Unknown Linux Malware Attack Telecom Networks

Researchers have discovered a new backdoor named GTPDOOR that targets telecommunication network systems within the closed GRX network, which connects multiple telecommunication network operators. The...

How to Analyse Linux Malware in ANY.RUN

Linux, traditionally viewed as a more secure operating system than Windows, has experienced a notable increase in malware attacks. In 2022, Linux malware incidents...

ANY.RUN Sandbox Now Let SOC & DFIR Teams Analyze Sophisticated Linux Malware

The ANY.RUN sandbox has now been updated with support for Linux, further enhancing its ability to provide an isolated and secure environment for malware...

Hackers Deployed never-before-seen Linux Malware Attacking Government Entities

Recent reports indicate that threat actors have been using a new type of Linux-targeted backdoor that has never been seen before. This new backdoor...
Operation DreamJob

Operation DreamJob – New Linux Malware Linked With 3CX Supply-Chain Attack

ESET researchers have recently discovered that Linux users targeted with malware in the new "Operation DreamJob" Lazarus campaign for the first time.The group behind...

Linux Malware Exploit Over 30 Vulnerabilities in WordPress Themes & Plugins

In an attempt to inject malicious JavaScript into WordPress plugins and themes that are outdated, a previously detected Linux malware that is unknown has...

New Windows Subsystem For Linux Malware Steals Credentials & Record Keystrokes

There has been an increasing amount of interest in targeting the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), due to the fact that they continue to...

Linux Malware Agent Attack eCommerce Sites & Stealing Payment Data

Researchers have found a new, malicious Linux agent that hides as a system process on e-commerce servers. This new malicious Linux agent name is...

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