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BMW Hacked – OceanLotus APT Hackers Group Penetrate The BMW Networks

BMW Hacked – OceanLotus APT Hackers Group Penetrate The BMW Networks

A well-known APT Hackers group "OceanLotus" breach the automobile giant BMW network, and successfully installed a hacking tool called "Cobalt Strike" which...

OceanLotus APT Group Uses Undetected Ratsnif Remote Trojan to Leverage Network Attack’s

OceanLotus APT Group also known as APT32, SeaLotus, and CobaltKitty uses undetected Remote Access trojans Ratsnif to leverage network attack capabilities. The...

OceanLotus APT Hackers Group using Steganography to Launch an Encrypted Malware Payload via .png...

A Well-known APT Group OceanLotus leveraging a steganography method to hide the encrypted malware payload within a .png image file to infect...

OceanLotus(APT32) Threat Actor Group Deliver KerrDown Malware Via Word Document and RAR Archive

OceanLotus group known for Multiple attack campaigns around the globe, the threat actor group targets private sectors across multiple industries, foreign governments,...

OceanLotus APT Hacking Group Distributing Backdoor to Compromise Government Networks

OceanLotus APT group as know as s APT32 and APT-C-00, emerging again targeting organization and government networks by distributing backdoor to compromise their infrastructure. Cyber...


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