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SQL Dorks

New Google Dorks List Collection for SQL Injection – SQL Dorks 2021

Google helps you with Google Dorks to find Vulnerable Websites that Indexed in Google Search Results. Here is the latest collection of...
SQL Injection

Web Application Pentesting with Manual SQL Injection – Integer Based

Today we will perform manual SQL injection with integer based method for the MySQL database. I hope the last article on error...
SQL Injection to Steal Payment Card Data

A New York Man Charged for Hacking Credit Card Using SQL Injection Attacks

A New York City man Vitalii Antonenko, 28, was charged for hacking, credit card trafficking, and money laundering. Antonenko...
Sophos XG Firewall

Hackers Exploit SQL Injection & Code Execution Zero-day Bugs in Sophos Firewall

Sophos patched a SQL injection flaw with XG Firewall product that exploited by attackers in the wild. Sophos informed...
Cisco Data Center Network Manager

11 Bugs in Cisco Data Center Network Manager Let Hackers Perform RCE, SQL Injection,...

Cisco released a security update for several vulnerabilities that affected the Cisco products, including 3 critical remote code execution vulnerabilities that affected...


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