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Cacti Blind SQL Injection Flaw Enables Remote Code Execution

Cacti, the performance and fault management framework, has been discovered with a blind SQL injection vulnerability, which could reveal Cacti database contents or trigger...

F5 Warns of Active Attacks Targeting BIG-IP SQL injection vulnerability

F5 Networks has issued a security alert about a severe vulnerability in its BIG-IP Configuration utility, identified as CVE-2023-46748. This vulnerability is an authenticated SQL...
D-LINK SQL Injection Vulnerability

D-LINK SQL Injection Vulnerability Let Attacker Gain Admin Privileges

A security flaw called SQL injection has been uncovered in the D-Link DAR-7000 device.SQL injection is a malicious attack that exploits vulnerabilities in web...
MOVEit Transfer SQL Injection

MOVEit Transfer SQL Injection Let the Attacker Gain Unauthorized Access to the Database

MOVEit transfer service pack has been discovered with three vulnerabilities associated with SQL injections (2) and a Reflected Cross-Site Scripted (XSS). The severity for...
Nagios Monitoring Tool Vulnerabilities

Nagios Monitoring Tool Vulnerabilities Let Attackers Perform SQL Injection

Nagios XI is a prominent and frequently used commercial monitoring system for IT infrastructure and network monitoring. Vulnerability Research Engineer Astrid Tedenbrant found four distinct...

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Flaw Let Attacker Launch SQL Injection Attacks

An SQL injection vulnerability was discovered in the web-based management interface of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session...

Web Application Pentesting – Manual SQL Injection With Error Based String Method

SQL injection is the code injection technique to gain access to the database(MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle etc). Owasp 2018 Release still describes this injection as an A1...

Web Application Pentesting with Manual SQL Injection – Integer Based

Today we will perform manual SQL injection with an integer-based method for the MySQL database. I hope the last article on error-based string injection...

How to Perform Manual SQL Injection With Double Quotes Error-Based String Method

If you are trying to hack the databases with methods like single quotes error-based Manual SQL Injection, Integer based injection but the databases are not...

Skipfish – Web Application Security Scanner for XSS, SQL Injection, Shell injection

Skipfish is an active web application security reconnaissance tool. It prepares an interactive sitemap for the targeted site by carrying out a recursive crawl...

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