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BadBazaar Malware Attacking Android Users via Weaponized Telegram & Signal Apps

The Android BadBazaar malware is being distributed through the Google Play store, Samsung Galaxy Store, and dedicated websites mimicimg Signal Plus Messenger and FlyGram malicious applications.These active campaigns are...

Xiaomi Mi Phones Flags Telegram as Malicious App

Xiaomi, the Asian smartphone giant, has implemented measures within its MIUI operating system that flag Telegram as a malicious app. This move has ignited discussions...

CoWIN Data Leak – Personal Data of COVID Vaccine Recipients Leaked on Telegram

The information of hundreds of thousands of Indians who received the COVID vaccination was exposed in a significant data breach and posted on a...

Hackers are Selling a new Atomic macOS (AMOS) Stealer on Telegram

Atomic macOS Stealer (AMOS) is a recent information-stealing malware capable of attacking macOS to steal confidential information.This malware was discovered by Cyble Research and...

Cybercriminals Selling Python-based Hacking Tool via Telegram

Recently, Cado Security Labs discovered and unveiled details of a new Python-based credential harvester called “Legion.”Cybersecurity researchers have asserted that this hacking tool, "Legion"...

Telegram – New Market Place for Selling Phishing Toolkits & Services

Telegram is becoming an increasingly popular platform for users as well as cyber-criminals. It has become a Mini Dark-web since 2021 when cyber threat...

Hackers Selling Telegram Insider Server Access on Dark Web Forums

SafetyDetectives' cybersecurity researchers came across a dark web marketplace that claims to provide consumers with access to Telegram's internal server for the price of...
PHP Malware office

New PHP Malware Distributed as Cracked Microsoft Office Apps, Telegram, & Others

The Zscaler ThreatLabz research team observed a PHP version of ‘Ducktail’ Infostealer distributed in the form of cracked application installer for a variety of...

Telegram Increasingly Abused For Selling Stolen Financial Details

The cybercriminals are actively abusing the Telegram messenger for setting up underground channels and selling stolen financial details on them and also executing their...

Telegram MTProxy Used to Launch DDoS Attack Against Cloud Service Provider Arvan – Peaks...

An Iranian based Cloud Infrastructure provider Arvan experienced a DDoS attack that peaks up to 5,000 Requests Per Second via Telegram MTProxy. The attack...

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