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Malware Developer Pleaded Guilty

Russian TrickBot Malware Developer Pleaded Guilty

Vladimir Dunaev, a resident of Amur Blast and aged 40, has confessed to creating and distributing Trickbot malware. The purpose of the malware was...

Trickbot Malware Developer Pleads Guilty & Faces 35 Years in Prison

A 40-year-old Russian national, Vladimir Dunaev, pleaded guilty for developing and deploying Trickbot malware. Trickbot, a suite of malware tools, targeted hospitals and businesses,...

Newly Uncovered Diavol Ransomware Sample Possibly Link to The Infamous TrickBot Group

Researchers uncovered a new ransomware strain "Diavol" that has possibly been linked with the most wanted infamous TrickBot hackers group.TrickBot made it's name as...

Hackers Behind the TrickBot Malware Updates Their New Propagation Module “Nwrom”

he hackers behind the TrickBot Malware has updated their new propagation module known as "Nwrom." As people are very familiar with the TrickBot malware,...

Trickbot Malware Campaign Targets users with COVID-19 Themed Malspam

The Cyberthreat uses COVID-19 themed malspam to distribute the Trickbot malware, says IBM Security Researchers. This time attacker utilizes FMLA (Family and Medical Leave...

New TrickBot Module BruteForce RDP Connections Attacks Telecommunication Industry

A New TrickBot module discovered brute-forcing RDP connections on selected targets, mostly the telecom industry.TrickBot is a well-know trojan for credential-harvesting, it is active...

Hackers Abusing Window 10 Remote Desktop ActiveX control to Install New Version of Trickbot...

Researchers observed a new wave of infamous Trickbot Malware campaign via a dozen of malicious documents and infect the Windows users by abusing Remote...

TrickBot Credential Stealer Malware Abuses Google Suite to Hide Malicious Activity

TrickBot is one of the top modular banking malware that primarily targets financial information of users' and also it acts as a dropper for...

Hackers Launching Trickbot Malware That Steals VNC, PuTTY and RDP Credentials

The new variant of infamous trickbot malware comes with the capability of grabbing remote application login credentials.Trickbot is a banking malware which steals login...

A Scary Evolution & Alliance of TrickBot, Emotet and Ryuk Ransomware Attack

Ryuk first appeared in August 2018, and while not incredibly active across the globe, at least three organizations were hit with Ryuk infections over...

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