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Alert! Zero-day Exploit For WhatsApp Advertised On Hacker Forums

A zero-day exploit targeting the popular messaging app WhatsApp has been advertised on underground hacker forums.The exploit has raised serious concerns regarding the safety...

Apple Removes WhatsApp & Threads from its App Store for China

With the tightening grip of Chinese regulatory measures on foreign digital services, Apple Inc. has removed several major messaging apps, including WhatsApp and Threads...

Beware Of Free wedding Invite WhatsApp Scam That Steal Sensitive Data

The ongoing "free wedding invite" scam is one of several innovative campaigns aimed at the senior population.Through social media chats like WhatsApp, fraudsters...

US Court Orders NSO Group to Handover Code for Spyware, Pegasus to WhatsApp

Meta, the company that owns WhatsApp, filed a lawsuit against NSO Group in 2019. The lawsuit claims that NSO took advantage of a...

Hackers Abusing WhatsApp Messages to Install Android Malware

Embarking on a journey into the realm of cyber threats, Microsoft recently uncovered a series of mobile banking trojan campaigns meticulously designed to exploit...

WhatsApp New Privacy Feature Let Users Hide Location During Calls

WhatsApp has begun to roll out the 'Protect IP Address in Calls' feature, which conceals your IP address during calls.Upon using this feature, all...

New Android Malware Via WhatsApp steals Call logs, Locations, & Contacts

According to reports, a new Android malware is circulating under the guise of a fake chat application that is being distributed through WhatsApp.This malware...

WhatsApp’s New Record Feature Lets You Record And Send Short Videos In Chats

By offering a rapid and secure way to share your voice, audio messaging on WhatsApp revolutionized how people communicate.Now that WhatsApp has introduced instant...

Android GravityRAT Spyware Steals WhatsApp Backup Files

Since August 2022, a recently discovered Android virus named "GravityRAT" has rapidly circulated through a new Android malware campaign. It gains access to phones by...

SIM Swap Attack Let Hackers Port a Telephone Number to a New SIM to...

Cybercriminals are actively performing SIM swap Attacks in various countries to bypass 2 Factor Authentication and to compromise the various social media apps including...

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