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Hackers Weaponizing New Critical Flaw to Attack Zoho ManageEngine Products

Since January 20, 2023, there have been several instances where malicious entities have been observed exploiting a significant security vulnerability in various Zoho ManageEngine...
RCE Bug in ZOHO Products Let Hackers Execute Arbitrary Code Remotely

RCE Bug in ZOHO Products Let Hackers Execute Arbitrary Code Remotely

CISA's bug catalog has been updated with a new vulnerability related to Java deserialization, which has been exploited in the wild by malicious threat...

Critical Flaw With Zoho Desktop Central Let Attackers to Bypass Authentication

A new critical vulnerability has been fixed that was detected in Zoho's Desktop Central and Desktop Central MSP; this security flaw allows an attacker...

Chinese APT Hackers Launching Mass Cyber Attack Using Cisco, Citrix, Zoho Exploits to Hack...

APT 41, Chinese hackers groups launched a massive cyberattack on dozens of countries around the globe using exploits that trigger the vulnerabilities in Cisco,...

Muddled Libra Hackers Using Pentesting Tools To Gain Admin Access

Threat actors use pentesting tools to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in target systems or networks.These tools provide a simulated environment for testing potential...
SMTP Smuggling attack

New SMTP Smuggling Attack Lets Hackers Send Spoofed Emails

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) smuggling is a technique where attackers exploit the inconsistencies in how proxy servers or firewalls analyze and handle the...

Iranian Hackers Attack Thousands of Organizations Using Password Spraying

Peach Sandstorm, an Iranian Hackers group that targets organizations globally, aligns with the following threat groups:-APT33ElfinRefined KittenBesides this, in the following sectors, the Iranian...

10 Best Free Password Managers to Secure Your Password For 2024

Free Password Manager always helps to make Strong passwords to protect your devices, online banking accounts, and other data sources from unauthorized access....

Chinese Hackers Using KEYPLUG Backdoor to Attack Windows & Linux Systems

It has been reported by the Recorded Future’s Insikt Group that RedGolf, a Chinese state-sponsored threat actor group, was using a backdoor designed especially...

Attackers Use Malicious IIS Extensions to Deploy Covert Backdoors into Exchange Servers

As opposed to web shells, malicious extensions for the IIS web server have a lower detection rate, which means attackers are increasingly using them...

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