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New Linux Backdoor Attacking Linux Users Via Installation Packages

Linux is widely used in numerous servers, cloud infrastructure, and Internet of Things devices, which makes it an attractive target for gaining unauthorized access...

Hackers Use Custom Backdoor & Powershell Scripts to Attack Windows Machines

The Damselfly Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group, also known as APT42, has been actively utilizing custom backdoor variants, NiceCurl and TameCat, to infiltrate Windows...
Turla APT

Cyber Espionage: Turla APT Hackers Attack European Organization With Backdoor

Cybersecurity experts have uncovered a failed attempt by the notorious Russia-based Turla Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group to infiltrate an Albanian organization.This incident...

New XZ Utils Backdoor Free Scanner to Detect Malicious Executables

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in XZ Utils, a widely used data compression tool across Unix-like operating systems, including Linux.This vulnerability, identified...

xz-utils Backdoor Affects Kali Linux Installations – How to Check for Infection

A critical vulnerability has been identified in the xz-utils package, versions 5.6.0 to 5.6.1, which harbors a backdoor capable of compromising system security.This...

Werewolf Hackers Exploiting WinRAR Vulnerability To Deploy RingSpy Backdoor

Active since 2023, the Mysterious Werewolf cluster has shifted targets to the military-industrial complex (MIC) by using phishing emails with a weaponized archive. The archive...
upstream xz/liblzma

Backdoor in upstream xz/liblzma Let Attackers Hack SSH Servers

A startling revelation has identified a dangerous security vulnerability in the xz compression utility, specifically within its liblzma library. This vulnerability has been found...

DinodasRAT Linux Malware Attack on Linux Servers to Gain Backdoor Access

DinodasRAT, also known as XDealer, is a sophisticated C++ backdoor targeting multiple operating systems. It is designed to enable attackers to monitor and extract...

Researchers Propose An Invisible Backdoor Attack Dubbed DEBA

As deep neural networks (DNNs) become more prevalent, concerns over their security against backdoor attacks that implant hidden malicious functionalities have grown. Cybersecurity researchers (Wenmin...
KrustyLoader Backdoor

KrustyLoader Backdoor Attack Both Windows & Linux Systems

Recent developments within the cybersecurity landscape have included the emergence of KrustyLoader, a sophisticated Rust-based backdoor that has caught the attention of multiple industry...

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