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Cisco IP Phone Vulnerability Let Attackers Trigger DoS Attack

Cisco has disclosed multiple vulnerabilities in its IP Phone firmware that could severely impact users by allowing unauthenticated, remote attackers to perform denial of...
Security Updates

Alert! Cisco Releases Critical Security Updates to Fix 2 ASA Firewall 0-Days

Cisco has released critical security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in its Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) devices and Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) software, collectively...

Authorities Warned that Hackers Are Exploiting Flaws in CISCO ASA VPNs

In a joint advisory released by cybersecurity agencies across Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, IT professionals and managers in government and critical sectors...
Cisco Firewall Zero-Days

Hackers Exploit Cisco Firewall Zero-Days to Hack Government Networks

Security researchers at Cisco Talos have uncovered a sophisticated cyber espionage campaign dubbed "ArcaneDoor" conducted by a state-sponsored threat actor tracked as UAT4356 (STORM-1849)....

Cisco Hypershield: AI-Powered Hyper-Distributed Security for Data Center

Cisco has unveiled its latest innovation, Cisco Hypershield, marking a milestone in cybersecurity.This groundbreaking product, described as Cisco's most consequential security solution, introduces a...
Cisco Warns Of Massive Brute-Force Attacks

Cisco Warns Of Massive Brute-Force Attacks Targeting VPNs & SSH Services

Hackers use brute-force attacks since it is an uncomplicated technique to break passwords or get into systems without permission. By systematically trying various combinations of...

Cisco Duo Data Breach: Hackers Stolen VoIP & SMS for MFA

Cisco's Duo Security, a leading multi-factor authentication (MFA) service, has suffered a significant data breach.The April 1, 2024, incident involved unauthorized access to...
Cisco IOS Vulnerability

Cisco IOS Vulnerability Allows DOS Attacks via Malicious Traffic

Cisco recently fixed a high-severity vulnerability in Cisco IOS Software for Catalyst 6000 Series Switches, which could lead to a denial of service (DoS).This high-severity vulnerability,...

Multiple Cisco Small Business Routers Vulnerable to XSS Attacks

Cisco has alerted its customers about a critical vulnerability affecting several Small Business RV Series Routers models.This vulnerability, CVE-2024-20362, poses a significant risk, allowing...

Cisco SMB Wireless Access Points Flaw Let Attackers Inject Commands

Cisco has alerted its customers to critical vulnerabilities in the web-based management interface of its Small Business 100, 300, and 500 Series Wireless Access...

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