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DDoS Attacks Coronavirus

How DDoS Attacks Are Evolving During The Coronavirus

The denial of service attacks (DDoS) causes a system or service to be inaccessible to a legitimate user. We have seen a...
Symptom Checker App

Reliance Jio’s Coronavirus Symptom Checker App Exposes Users Data Online Due to Security Error

A security error with Reliance Jio's Coronavirus Symptom Checker App exposes its core database to the Internet without a password.
Tor project

Tor Project Lays off a Third of its Staff Due to the Economic Impact...

The Tor project is non-profit organizations that focus o development related to privacy and anonymity. TOR is an important...
Project Spy

Project Spy – A Spyware Campaign That Hack Android & iOS Devices via Coronavirus...

Researchers discovered a new cyberespionage campaign named Project Spy through which hackers targeting Android and iOS devices with spyware using Coronavirus Update App.
Grandoreiro Malware Attacks

Beware of Coronavirus-themed Grandoreiro Malware Attacks Bank Customers Via Chrome Plugin

Researchers observed a massive campaign of Grandoreiro, a remote-overlay banking Trojan targets the large Spanish banking customers to empty their banking accounts...


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