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Beware!! New Cryptojacking Malware Attacking Apache, Oracle, Redis Servers

Beware!! New Cryptojacking Malware Attacking Apache, Oracle, Redis Servers

The security researchers at unit 42 are keeping a stern eye on China-based cybercrime group Rocke. This hacking group was detected in...
Microsoft Store

For the First Time, Cryptojacking Apps is Found on Microsoft Store

Eight crypto jacking apps found on the Microsoft Store tha abuses victim's CPU cycle to mine Monero without user knowledge.
MikroTik Routers

Hackers Attack Over 200,000 MikroTik Routers & Infected with Mass Coinhive Cryptojacking Malware

Cybercriminals infecting over 1,50,000 MikroTik Routers using Coinhive Cryptojacking Campaign using site key to ultimately mining the cryptocurrency. Based on the Shodan query returns and the...

XMRig – New Cryptojacking Malware Attack on Apple Mac Devices

New Mac Cyptominer Malware  XMRig affected Mac users that cause a sudden increase of the CPU process called mshelper and the fans are running...

Wikipedia Page Linked with “Minr” Cryptojacking Malware Infected 3rd Party Website

Cryptojacking Malware called "Minr" infected website has been linked with Wikipedia Page that leads to mine the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR). Wikipedia visitors who visiting the concern...


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