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Chinese Cyber Espionage Group APT10 Delivers UPPERCUT Backdoor Via Malicious Word Documents

Chinese cyber espionage group APT10 know for targeting construction and engineering, aerospace, and telecom firms, and governments agencies in United States, Europe, and Japan. With...

Chinese Cyber Espionage Group Targeting United States Engineering & Academic Organizations With Advanced Hacking...

Chinese cyber espionage actor actively distributing TEMP.Periscope malware campaign that used for set of powerful malware toolkit to compromise U.S Engineering and other  Organizations...

Cyber Espionage Campaign Possibly “MuddyWater” Targets Middle East and Central Asia

A new campaign with the similarities of MuddyWater spotted targetting organizations in Pakistan, Turkey, and Tajikistan. Attackers use various social engineering methods to trick...

Dangerous Cyber Espionage Group Called Sowbug Spotted Conducting High Profile Cyber Attacks

A New Hacking and Cyber Espionage Group Called Sowbug launching highly targeted cyber attacks targetting South America and Southeast Asia. They are mounting attacks...
Earth Baku APT Hackers

Earth Baku APT Hackers Group Upgraded Its Hacking Toolset for New Cyberespionage

The cybersecurity researchers of Trend Micro have recently detected a campaign that has been initiated by the APT threat actor group Earth Baku. According...
Ramsay Malware

Ramsay – A cyber‑espionage Toolkit Attack Steal Sensitive Document From Air‑Gapped Networks

Recently, the cybersecurity firm ESET has discovered a malware toolkit, which has been named as Ramsay, a rare malware attack with the advanced capabilities...

Blackgear Cyberespionage Abuses Blogging and Social Media Services To Evade Detection

Blackgear Cyberespionage campaign is active at least from 2008, the threat actors behind the campaign use various malware tools such as the Protux and...

Cyberespionage campaign Spreading AnubisSpy to Spying Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter

Newly emerging malware that combined with several malicious apps called AnubisSpy linked to cyberespionage campaign to steal messages (SMS), photos, videos, contacts, email accounts,...
BFSI Sector

BFSI Sector at the Forefront of Cyberattacks

In recent years, the BFSI Sector (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) has become a primary target for cyber attackers. A 2022 report by IBM revealed...
Modern CyberSOC – A Brief  Implementation Of Building a Collaborative Cyber Security Infrastructure

Modern CyberSOC – A Brief Implementation Of Building a Cyber Security Infrastructure

In earlier years, everyone depends on SOC (including firewalls, WAF, SIEM,etc.) and the priority in building the SOC provides security and the CIA was...

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