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Beware! Disguised Adobe Reader Installer That Installs Infostealer Malware

An infostealer disguised as the Adobe Reader installation has been observed. The file is disseminated in PDF format and prompts users to download and run...

Beware of New Snake Python Infostealer Attacking Facebook Messenger Users

A new menace has emerged targeting unsuspecting Facebook Messenger users.Dubbed the "Python Infostealer," this malicious software is designed to pilfer credentials through sophisticated...

New Infostealer Malware Attacking Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas sector faces a significant cybersecurity threat with the emergence of a new and sophisticated Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) infostealer known as Rhadamanthys...

macOS Infostealers That Actively Involve in Attacks Evade XProtect Detection

Ever since the beginning of 2023, infostealers targeting macOS have been on the rise with many threat actors actively targeting Apple devices. As of...

New Infostealer Malware Steal Logs & Corporate Access Data

Infostealer malware is becoming extremely popular among cybercriminals, especially in the malware-as-a-service (MaaS) based sector.These kinds of malware remain undetected as much as...

Rust Infostealer Malware Attacks macOS Sonoma Ahead of Public Release

Based on recent reports, it was discovered that there has been info stealer malware that affects both Windows and macOS platforms. The malware can...

ThirdEye – A new Infostealer Malware Steal BIOS & Hardware Data

Cybersecurity researchers at FortiGuard Labs recently found an unseen infostealer dubbed "ThirdEye" that is mainly crafted to steal several information from the systems that...

Hackers Hijack Home Routers & Change The DNS Settings to Implant Infostealer Malware

Researchers discovered a new form of attack that targeted home routers and altered the DNS settings to redirect the victims to a malicious website...

Snake Infostealer Malware Steal Credentials, Take Screenshot From Over 50 Apps

A new malware known as Snake has been detected recently by Cybereason security firm, this Snake malware is being used by the threat actors...

Ficker – New InfoStealer Malware Spread Via Russian Underground Forum to Attack Windows

Researchers uncovered a new info-stealer malware "Ficker" and is distributed via a Russian underground forum by threat actors as Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) model to attack...

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