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Hackers Weaponize Windows Installer (MSI) Files to Deliver Malware

Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a sophisticated malware campaign orchestrated by a threat actor group, Void Arachne.This group has targeted Chinese-speaking users by distributing malicious...
Stuxnet Malware Air-Gapped Networks

Stuxnet, The Malware That Propagates To Air-Gapped Networks

Stuxnet, a complex worm discovered in 2010, targeted Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems used in industrial facilities.By exploiting multiple vulnerabilities, including...

Beware Of Fake Microsoft Teams Website That Installs Oyster Malware

Fake websites of authoritative and popular companies claiming to be genuine sites make users believe that the site belongs to that specific company and...

Operation Celestial Force Employing Android And Windows Malware To Attack Indian Users

A Pakistani threat actor group, Cosmic Leopard, has been conducting a multi-year cyber espionage campaign named Operation Celestial Force, targeting Indian entities.Since 2018, they...

AWS Announced Malware Detection Tool For S3 Buckets

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the general availability of Amazon GuardDuty Malware Protection for Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).This new feature...

Hackers Exploiting Linux SSH Services to Deploy Malware

SSH and RDP provide remote access to server machines (Linux and Windows respectively) for administration. Both protocols are vulnerable to brute-force attacks if solid...

SSLoad Malware Employs MSI Installer To Kick-Start Delivery Chain

Malware distributors use MSI installers as Windows OS already trusts them to run with administrative rights by bypassing security controls.For this reason, MSI files...

Beware of Fake KMSPico Activators that Deliver Vidar Stealer Malware

Researchers detected an attack involving a fake KMSPico activator tool, which delivered Vidar Stealer through several events.The attack leveraged Java dependencies and a malicious...

GoldPickaxe iOS Malware Harvests Facial Recognition Data & Bank Accounts

Due to the growing popularity of Apple devices, cybercriminals are increasingly targeting iOS and macOS with malware.The App Store is no longer secure,...

Muhstik Malware Attacking Apache RocketMQ To Execute Remote Code

Apache RocketMQ platform is a widely used messaging system that handles high volumes of data and critical operations, often attracting hackers. Exploiting the vulnerabilities in...

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