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Infamous Maze Ransomware Operators Shuts Down Operations

Maze ransomware, one of the most dangerous and potent strains of Windows ransomware that have hit companies and organizations around the world and demanded...

Operators Behind Egregor Ransomware Arrested by Ukrainian, French Police

French and Ukrainian law enforcement agencies have joined forces to arrest several members of the Egregor ransomware operation in Ukraine. The arrest was carried...

Ransomware Operators Partner With Hackers to Attack High profile Organizations

Let’s first get the old news out of the way. Ransomware is a hornet’s nest. Well, now to the latest news. Ransomware operators are...

IT Services Giant Cognizant Hit by Maze Ransomware Cyber Attack

Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp, one of the largest IT services providers hit by Maze Ransomware Cyber Attack which causes service disruptions to its clients.The...

DarkGate Malware opens RaaS For Financially Motivated Hackers

Following the FBI's shutdown of Qakbot infrastructure in August 2023, security analysts at EclecticIQ observed a surge in the use of the DarkGate loader.EclecticIQ...

Cisco AnyConnect VPN zero-day Vulnerability, Exploit Code Available

Cisco, the California based tech giant, has identified and disclosed a vulnerability via advisory CVE-2020-3556, regarding the InterProcess Communication (IPC) channel of Cisco AnyConnect...

Fake COVID-19 Test Results Drop King Engine Ransomware

According to Cofense Intelligence researchers, a new version of Hentai OniChan Ransomware dubbed “King Engine” is being delivered during a Coronavirus-themed phishing campaign.The...

Cognizant Confirms Data Breach After Ransomware Attack

IT services giant cognizant suffered a ransomware attack last April which cause service disruptions to its clients.Cognizant is one of the IT giants that...

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