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Beware Of Illegal OTT Platforms That Exposes Sensitive Personal Information

A recent rise in data breaches from illegal Chinese OTT platforms exposes that user information, including names and financial details, is vulnerable to exploitation...

Dell Hacked – Attackers Stolen 49 Million Customers Personal Information

Dell Technologies recently disclosed a data breach involving a company portal that contained limited customer information related to purchases.The breach exposed customer names,...

LeSlipFrancais Data Breach: Customers’ Personal Information Exposed

LeSlipFrancais, the renowned French underwear brand, has confirmed a data breach impacting its customer base.The breach, first reported by the online security platform...

GHC-SCW Hack: Ransomware Actors Stolen User’s Personal Information

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin (GHC-SCW) has announced a significant breach in their cybersecurity, leading to unauthorized access and theft of personal...

Yamaha Ransomware Attack: Employees Personal Information Exposed

A ransomware attack targeted Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., resulting in a partial disclosure of the personal information maintained by the company.Notably, a third party...

Samsung Hacked: Customers Personal Information Exposed

Samsung Electronics (U.K.) Limited has announced a cybersecurity incident, corroborating the exposure of customer data that originated in July 2019. The disclosure comes as the...

How Scammers Use Bait-and-Switch Techniques to Extract Personal Information

These days, it feels like con artists are getting trickier by the minute. Remember the old bait-and-switch move from dodgy salespeople? Well, that trick...

Paramount Media Hacked: Attackers Obtain Access to User Personal Information

In a shocking turn of events, Paramount Media recently fell victim to a significant data breach, leading to the unauthorized access of user personal...
NBA Cyber Incident

NBA Cyber Incident – Fans’ Personal Information Exposed

As a result of a recent data breach, the NBA notified all its fans about the fact that a significant amount of personal information...
Toyota Discloses Data Breach

Toyota Discloses Data Breach – Customers’ Personal Information Exposed

Toyota Motor Corporation reveals a data breach that may have compromised the personal information of its customers after an access key was made available...

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