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FBI Hacks Back Hive Ransomware

FBI Hacks Back Hive Ransomware Gang’s Infrastructure – Website Seized

As a result of an international law enforcement operation, the sites utilized by the Hive ransomware operation for both payments and data leaks on...
macOS Devices Ransomware

Microsoft Details Techniques Used by Hackers to Deliver Ransomware to macOS Devices

One of the most dominating threats in the current cyberspace era is ransomware which is constantly affecting organizations of all sizes. In order to...
Lockbit Ransomware Group Apologized

Lockbit Ransomware Group Apologized For the Attack On Hospital for Sick Children

Following the hospital's breach in the middle of December, the LockBit ransomware group has expressed regret and given it a free decryption key. The Hospital...
Triple Extortion Ransomware

Triple Extortion Ransomware: How to Protect Your Organization?

Ransomware strikes businesses every 11 seconds. The ransomware attack volume is already at record levels, but we're hearing it's only getting worse.   As some victims...
Vice Society Ransomware Gang

Vice Society Ransomware Gang Attack Schools with Multiple Ransomware Families

According to a joint Cybersecurity Advisory (CSA) from the FBI, CISA, and MS-ISAC published in September 2022, Vice Society actors have recently been primarily...

CryWiper Malware Masquerades as Ransomware & Purposely Destroys Data

CryWiper, a previously unknown data wiper that masquerades as ransomware, has been recently discovered and is spreading around the internet. Furthermore, this ransomware completely...

RDP Servers Hacked To Deploy Ransomware and Steal Sensitive Data

Research carried out by security analysts at CRIL (Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs) recently identified several ransomware groups that are actively targeting open RDP...

Hackers Rewritten The RansomExx Ransomware in Rust Language To Evade Detection

There has recently been a discovery made by IBM Security X-Force Threat Researchers regarding a new variant of ransomware known as RansomExx that is...

Hackers Use New Ransomware that Encrypts Files & Steals Tokens From Victim’s Machine

Security researchers at Cyble recently identified that the authors of ransomware now have access to a brand new malicious tool - AXLocker - which...
XENOTIME Hacking Group

LockBit 3.0 Malware Using Weaponized Word Doc To Drop Ransomware Via Amadey Bot

The Amadey Bot has been found to be used by attackers to install LockBit 3.0 with the help of malicious MS Word document files,...

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